My daughter, the "Disabler"

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  1. You know how we ladies on this forum "enable" one another when it comes to Coach shopping, right? Well, my 12-y/o daughter is the exact opposite:nogood: She is the voice of shopping conscience that's why I have to hide my new Coach purchases from her. She is even worse than my husband! So everytime I try on a new purse, I just pray quietly that she won't notice:sweatdrop: Today, I was carrying my outlet-bought white pebbled Chelsea hobo. It's about 2 weeks old and so far she hasn't mentioned anything. I had another white Coach hobo bag in a plastic shopping bag as i was planning to bring it to the dry cleaners to see if they could remove an ink stain on the lining. As luck would have it, when she had to get something from the back of the car, she saw the bag and she immediately asked me, "Hey mom, why is there a white bag in the "Limited Too" plastic bag? It's exactly the same as the one you are carrying now!" Of course, to her, it is the same because they're both white. It doesn't matter that one is a Chelsea and the other is not:rolleyes: Thank goodness she had to rush to her school for an activity. But I'm sure I haven't heard the last of this! :crybaby:Thought I'd just share.:rolleyes:
  2. Wow she doesn't miss a beat!
  3. u'll convert her yet! just give it a yr or 2!
  4. too funny!
    ....sounds like the DH got to your daughter... tee hee:p
  5. HAHA my daughter gives me grief too.... however if I were buying them for HER I'm sure her tune would change....hahahaha but 11 is too young for a Coach bag......(since her room's still a mess!!!)
  6. lol too funny... my 4 1/2 yo little boy tells me all the time... mom.. you are KEEPING this purse! Whey do you need another purse!?!? If you ask him he says he HATES coach because we are there all the time!!!
  7. My son has also declared several times that he thinks I have too many purses (and shoes) and no way will he go w her to a Coach store. I tell him he does not understand, lol!
  8. My 5 year old daughter keeps requesting the carly pouch in khaki/gold!
  9. My daughter tried this bag on at the boutique last week...It looked so cute on my 7 yr old. I think I'm buying it for her!!
  10. I'm honestly surprised because I've noticed that Coach bags are getting more and more popular with younger girls- I know girls her age at my dancing school that get a new demi or pouch every time a new line comes out! Give her time- once her friends start getting into bags, she'll start to get into them because many young girls are like that- if one girl has this bag, they have to have it too!
  11. haha. Wait until she gets a bit older and wants one of your bags, lets see how fast she learns to keep quiet then!

    My daughter is 25 and if I am on the fence about a bag she will tell me "buy it Mom, then I can borrow it!".
  12. Atleast she has good taste.
  13. Wow, that's hilarious. Maybe when she grows up more, she'll come to appreciate the beauty and worth of Coach. Actually, at least this way, you don't have to worry about her acquiring a Coach-Addiction at the age of 12. Then your bank account would have even more damage!
  14. True! Right now, she is happy with her small Vera Bradley bags.
  15. I still placate my daughter with bags from need to go down that road until I absolutely have to (and until she can save up her own money for one!):yes: