My daughter made me laugh today.

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  1. #1 Sep 18, 2012
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    :biggrin: I have been trying to unclutter and sell/get rid of many of my designer purses. I just feel I don't need them anymore. I am happy to 3-4 things that I use and am really getting rid of most of my purses with any monograms on them. I don't feel the need to have them. But I am keeping my LV pink perforated speedy because I love it so much. My favorite purse right now is a older Alison Wood Hobo purse that looks like something the cat scratched up because of all the leather on it fallling and wrapped around the purse. The leather on this purse is softer then any of my Balenciaga purses and I wish it would have come in different colors because I feel the design is the perfect purse for me. I bought two of her other designs from her sample sale last year and gave them to my daughter last month and she loves them and is using them when we go out. I seem to be drawn to more soft leather bags now. I feel my taste has changed in the past few years and I already got rid of so many things.

    So I felt that perhaps my 13 year old would like to have my large LV backpack as a gift and she tells me "Mom, I think it is ugly--I don't like the color brown--I think the grey and white check pattern is prettier." She said she does not want my backpack. I had to laugh at this because she was so serious about her opinion. I did give her most of my Kate Spade bags and a few other leather ones that I don't use but were not worth selling. She is very OCD with taking care of her things and just as happy with a purse from the dollar store.

    I think I will put the purse away for her because she might change her mind in the future and like it.
  2. She's 13...wait a while, she might just change her mind.
  3. Yup! Pass it on because when shes older shed kill for one. Dont sell alot of it
  4. :smile: She does use/borrowq my azur bags for special family occassions. I tried giving her a graffiti pochette a few weeks ago and she wouldn't use it. I will save a few things for her at a later date. Perhaps she will grow into them.
  5. Definitely save it for her! She will appreciate its beauty when she grows up :biggrin:
    When I was 13, my mum offered to buy me an LV bag and my reaction was 'aurghh no, they're so ugly'. Haha dam I regret it so much!
  6. i actually have a 11 year old niece whos currently saving for a pochette mini in azure! She loves LV so much!
  7. Lol when I was 13 I thought LV was ugly. I loved coach
  8. just so you know.... i am adoptable :graucho::lol::lol:!!!!!