My daughter just scribbed in ink on my patchwork bag!!

May 28, 2007
I just caught my 20 month old scribbling on the side of my patchwork bag!!! It's not on the suede part but it's on the metallic leather, regular leather and the embossed leather.

I don't have an ink pen remover that I read when I just searched the forum. But I remember reading about a guy that you send your coach purses to and he cleans them. My old computer died so I don't have his name anymore.

Please help!! Thanks!!!

CCfor C

Mar 22, 2007
Pen is tough to get out. If you do a search, there should be some threads on this subject. Good luck! Oh, maybe you can't do a search yet...let me see...

Is it possible to get pen marks out of Coach leather? (
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Hi, New here! have question about ink stains

Hope this helps!
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