My daughter is Fourteen today!!!!

  1. :girlsigh: I feel so so so so so so so so so so OLD!!!!

    She's excited and I want to kill everyone upstairs!!!!! All they keep telling me is "Elena, your daughter is 14 now, how do you feel" I wanna tell them "like going on a killing spree"

    Well to all you girls that helped me on her birthday present she got what she wanted! Friggen grandma gave her 2k (B:censor:!)and her father purchased the Garden Party which makes me look like the bad person because I got her the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Aurelia bag so she can use for school. I didn't think that her father would actually go over my head with purchasing the GP. I'm really really mad at him! :rant:
    I can't wait until my daughter leaves again tomorrow!!! I never thought I'd say that! She's being way to spoiled with all these gifts and the people whom have to pay in the end are her father and me!

    If she got almost 8k in gifts today imagine what she'll expect next year! I wanna :throwup: !
  2. Yikes!! Happy 14th to your daughter! Looks like your going to have to start selling off your collection to keep hers up, LOL!!!
  3. Hell NO!
  4. Happy birthday, mine turned 11 and I was having a heart attack. Your daughters lucky, I had to fight with my mom to give me a Jansport at 14
  5. Wow, lucky girl :yahoo:
  6. Oh Baggaholic, don't feel old. Your not.

    Your daughter got awesomes gifts!:yahoo: What does she think of them?

    You seem like the kind of person to teach your daughter to appreciate things so I don't think she'll be spoiled in the sense of what is typically thought of with that word. ie. bratty :P

    Happy Bday to your daughter! :party:
  7. Well she signed over the check a little while ago and I'll go deposit it in the morning,.. the first question she asked me was if she has enough for a Birkin yet? :wtf: Birkin,... I told her to save for the future, in her little mind she already is in a negative balance with all the things she wants! :roflmfao:
  8. dang, a Birkin at 14? wow, that's a bit much.. tell her to enjoy her being 14 coz kids nowadays grow so fast.. happy bday to her by the way...
  9. My daughter turned 16 this year and I refuse to do the Designer thing yet..Im a tad strict with indulging her..LOL.....although if she wanted to borrow one of mine..I would allow it..LMAO..
    Congrats to your daughter! thats a great age!
    it goes by WAY TOO FAST!
  10. Don't feel old! I have an 18 year old and a 15 year old- and I feel young at heart. They're just numbers!:P
  11. Yikes, she's got quite the fierce collection already !

    And hey, you can still be a hot mama with a 14 year old. ;)
  12. Holy crap, she got a Birkin? At 14? I dont think all the clothes I owned combined at 14 were worth about as much as that bag! Happy Birthday to her indeed! Baggaholic you are NOT old! Shoot, my brothers turning 21 this year, and my mom doesnt feel old because shes just as playful as any of her kids, lol.
  13. Exactly!

    Don't feel like the bad guy! I think you got her an amazing gift that isn't only beautiful but useful too.
  14. She didn't get a Birkin for her b-day,.. I dont feel old, I feel like I'm getting old!
  15. In four more years, she'll be off to college and you'll start feeling younger, Baggaholic!