My Daughter is a Real LV Model - loads of pictures

  1. My daughter and I were invited to a Mother and Daughter event at our local LV. There's the most amazing SA :love:there who asked if my daughter would model for the event as they were introducing kids RTW. Who would say no to such an opportunity? My daughter was over the moon excited (and so was I).:yahoo:

    The store was decorated so beautifully in baby pink and white accents. When we arrived my daughter was whisked away to put on her outfit. After that all the little girls attending were given LV shoeboxes to collect their little treasures in throughout the day. They had arranged for a harpist, a magician, a henna artist, 3 nail technicians, facepainting, card reader and a small craft corner. The girls were also given beautiful treats.

    Throughout the event we were offered fantastic cocktails, jelly shots, canapes, sweets, etc.

    The event was so well organized and we really enjoyed ourselves. We were there for 4 hours straight!

    The shop was stocked with loads of new stuff. And there were hearts and cosmetic pouches in all the colors all over the place! Anyway, I won't bore you with more writing. Here are some pics from the day (more than 20) so stay tuned.

    The invitation

    The photographer at the event printed out photos and presented them in LV sleeves

    Shoebox with treasures


    LV Candy!!

    More pictures coming....
  2. So here are some pictures I sneaked on my mobile of my daughter in LV RTW

    Henna artist applying LV inspired henna (closeup will follow)

    With RP Pulp bag

    show2.jpg show5.jpg show6.jpg

    More photos coming...
  3. To celebrate her first job as a LV model my daughter bought the Monogram Speedy 25 with her saved up pocket money. And as a reward for receiving high honors in school I bought her the sweet monogram earrings.

    event7.jpg event8.jpg event14.jpg
  4. Your daughter has great taste! That's such an awesome op too! Congrats to her! :tup:
  5. Of course mommy wanted a few souvenirs for herself from the event

    Love those little brown boxes
    event9.jpg event10.jpg

    Inclusion hair cubes (my hair's always in a ponytail)

    Framboise pen for my agenda as I was going crazy not being able to find a cheaper solution

    And Bulles Monogram ring to match my Bulles Monogram Necklace :love:
  6. What great photos...gald you both had such a special time:heart:
  7. so cute! and a speedy! what a way to start her collection!
  8. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! I want some LV candy....or just plain candy now!
  9. Too adorable! Congrats on your purchases as well!
  10. Thank you! She's so excited about her speedy. She's getting it hotstamped this week with gold initials.
  11. Thank you! She actually got more candy but that's been eaten already :shame: so we couldn't post pictures of that.
  12. Yep! And she's only 11!:lol:
  13. That looks like so much fun! When I have a daughter I hope I can share some LV love with her too :love:

    Are the clothes, shoes and bag on the pics hers or the ones she had to model?
  14. That was one of the outfits she had to model. Only the bag is her own (actually it's mine, but she uses it all the time). She fell in love with the sweet monogram earrings they put on her so I had to get them for her.
  15. beautiful modeling pics. i'm so happy for you and your daughter! how fantastic to have an LV model in the family. but those top honors in school are what got my attention - give her a pat on the back from me, a fellow honor's student. and what a nice mommy you are for rewarding her efforts in school! cheers.