My daughter is a future shoe-holic! lol

  1. My almost 12-year old has a friend over today, so she asked me if they could try on my heels. I'm like, yeah sure whatever. So in the background, I hear her talking,

    "These are my favorite, aren't they gorgeous...they are 4 inches!"

    "And these are snakeskin."

    Then her friend tries on a pair of my basic black pointy toe pump, and my daughter says, "Those are kinda boring, but every women should have a pair of them in their collection."

    I'm not kidding guys. lol Am I creating a monster?! LMBO!

    By the way, too bad for her...she's outgrowing my shoes already! She's 5'4 only 85 pounds and a (I guess) size 8.5 shoe now and I'm a size 7.5 - 8!!! Holy moly!
  2. 5'4 and only 85 pounds?? Holy crap. I'm 5'5 and nowhere near 85 pounds. Now I feel like a fat a**. ;)

    Good to know that they have figured out that the basic black pump is a standard that every woman should have!

    My baby cousin's first word was "shoe." :p
  3. I know, blackbird! She a big girl though, which seems funny being that she's not got an once of fat on her. lol For example, her bestfriend is probably 5'1 or 5'2, weighs at least 5-10 pounds more than her, but wears a girls size 12, where my daughter wears a 14-16. She's got broad shoulders and back and has super long model body! lol

    Anyhow, here they are. Aren't they cute?!
    girls 001 467x350.jpg girls 002 467x350.jpg
  4. That is too cute! I think that my addiction started at around 12 years old too!
  5. Not long before she joins us here on the forum, huh, oo_let_me_see? LOL Too cute! I think I was running around in Keds at 12! Ahhhh, kids today...!
  6. Yeah, I know! Soon, I'll be dipping into her college fund to pay for her shoes! lol
  7. I think its cute too. I know growing up I loved all my moms shoes but she always told me that when I am grown up I should get my own. Your daughter is lucky she is allowed to try them on my mom didnt let me near them actually, even though I did secretly!
  8. How cute! She's got good style and good taste already. I didn't acquire that until my early 30s.
  9. It is so heart warming to see a shoe monster in the making...:love: Bless her.:tender:
  10. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It was not too long ago that I was doing the same thing!!!
    My mother was & still is a shoe person...I guess thats where I got it from. I have out done here now...she is mad because she is a 7 and im an 8....she keeps telling me I got my size from the milk
  12. How cute!
    I would totally die if I was the same shoe size as my mom..she has some killer shoes.
  13. So cute!

    I think I always liked shoes, but I started wearing my mom's shoes to school maybe 9th grade, so when I was 13? Something like that. I wore my mom's vintage snakeskin stilettos. Yes, definitely didn't help with my popularity but I loved heels!
  14. So adorable!

    When I was 12 I was into Doc Martens. That was THE style back then, but still :yucky:
  15. she is too cute. DD is nine years old, she loves to play with my heels, (even tho they are not designer ones). She will grow taller than me and like your daughter she will outgrow my shoes too. She wears size 3-3.5 and I wear 6. She is almost my height too.