My daughter has inherited the purse gene

  1. Lily is 4 and insisted we buy her a new purse the other day. None of the ratty old ones in her toybox are quite right. We looked in a couple of stores and didn't see the "right" one. One morning while she was at preschool I was in the drugstore and found the pefect faux leather, textured, pink bag with attached heart shaped mirror and matching wallet. The mirror even has a cool embellished pocket to sleep in on the outside of the bag. Even better, it was marked down to $7 lol. She loves it!

    I have told her she will inherit my beauties when she is older (if she wants lol).
  2. Awww! That is a cute story.
  3. Aww...such a cute story. I wish I had a daughter to do girly stuff with. I grew up with a bunch of boys, no sister, all girl cousins lived too far away to hang out with. *sigh* Maybe someday.
  4. I believe it does start young...either you have it or you don't