My daughter asked for a Chanel bag for her 14th birthday!?!


Oct 4, 2009
My daughter will turn 14 on January 28. Aside from a disco party she asked my husband to pay for, she asked me if I could get her a red Chanel bag, one that she can hang like a body bag. She asked with her cute smile - "Just a small one mommy?"

Hmmmm, my daughter was brought up to be very simple and to ask only for things which we can afford. She's very happy to get simple stuff from Forever 21 or even Target when we go to the US. Here in Manila, she is contented to buy sale items from teen stores, but very happy if we splurge once in awhile on clothes from ZARA when she gets good grades

I myself have only 5 Chanel bags, plus other designer bags too.

Please let me know what you think....:blush:



Aug 17, 2008
i think 14yo is still too young for that. Unless you as a Mom has like few hundreds designer bag, getting one for your DD isn't that much difference. But owning a handful of designer bags, buying one for your DD (the ratio difference is lesser).

Anw in my case (just something to share):
I ask my dad for a Chanel for my 21st bday (something big to me as I reaches my adulthood next yr), a straight 'NO!' bump into my face. Beside is nothing that much to asked for from my dad as throughout my previous 20yrs of bday, he only give me a small red packet worth SGD$50. It is like only this once bday I asked for something from him. In fact, last year he forgotten my bday until seeing my granny give me a red packet before he recalled to hand me his SGD$50 red packet.

Well... :?


Barenia :D
Dec 26, 2008
If you have the means to do it, then I think its fine. I got my first designer bag; a Prada backpack on my 10th birthday. I didn't ask for it, probably because I didn't even knew what Prada was back then. Maybe you could ask her if she would rather have a party or the Chanel (assuming that the party costs approximately the same as the Chanel bag's price) if you are not too keen on getting her both. Other than that, I think the cambon line would be perfect for her. Classy on the outside, hot pink on the inside :tup:


Jun 25, 2008
I gave my DD a little vintage Chanel this year after she had an operation. She was 7. She admires and appreciates that it is very special.

Also pretty sure someone on here has one for her 1 year old.

Why not look for a vintage red for her on EBay or Bonanzle?


Bag Obsessed
Apr 3, 2009
I asked for a coach bag for my 16th birthday, this was 14 years ago when coach was all leather, and made in usa, great leather quality bags, i remember begging my mom, she was one that didnt own any designer items at all.

I remember being so obsessed i would dream about getting my bag

I did get it, along with a leather cosmetic case to match and an organizer.
I remember going to school and people being amazed, no one had anything like it!

If you can do it, you should, maybe get her a mini


Nov 28, 2008
I cannot believe I am saying this but a mini would be cute... but it truly astounds me as someone who did not start even wanting Chanel til her 30s...... I have been making up for it in a big way though so maybe there's something to be said for starting young and building a collection gradually, savoring one piece at a time... but 14, that still may be too young... even if a mini would look o so cute! Let us know what happens.


Mar 11, 2007
Am I the only one here who wouldn't want my youn daughter out on her own in Chanel? I live in a *very* safe place, but idk, why take chances - young girl + obviously expensive purse seems like asking for trouble.

On the other hand - if my pre teen asked for a Chanel purse & I had the means, I probably would explore pre-owned ones for her - but ONLY for when we are together. (or if she's with dad) kwim?
May 23, 2008
Although I think 14 may be a little young for a Chanel, if you can afford to do it and you're happy to buy it for your daughter, then it would be fine. Just make sure that she's definitely serious about it and won't use it for a couple of months and then want something else instead, if you get what I mean.
I got a Prada across body bag for my birthday for my 14th, which I didn't actually ask for, and then a Balenciaga city for my 18th.


Oct 4, 2009
Thanks everyone for your reply. I appreciate these very much.

She seems to prefer the party (which is a third of the price of a Chanel mini) over the Chanel but I should ask her tomorrow. A vintage can be an option too. I know it's ridiculous to give her one even if she deserves it for being such a good girl.

Will update you everyone :hugs:


Jan 5, 2006
I have a 14 yo and I wouldn't buy her a Chanel. I didn't even own my first Chanel until I was almost 40! Maybe in a couple of years I would start her with a LV pochette, but I just don't think they are mature enough nor responsible enough for a Chanel at that age.