My daughter and her louis vuitton....LOL

  1. My youngest (she is 4) saw a tv show where a little girl was carrying a BATON around with her. She stacked all of her crayola markers using the caps and started carrying it around and calling it her louis vuitton. My DH said " WHAT have you done to her??!!" It was so funny, she must have baton and vuitton mixed up!! I could not stop laughing it was SO cute!
  2. She is so funny, the baton thing happened last night but she just came in here with a minnie mouse purse and said "How do you like my new Louis Vuitton?" Her poor future husband, lol
  3. Start them young..thats the best way :smile:

    I got into the game around 19...and I've been obsessed ever poor boyfriend lol
  4. I agree never too young for a GREAT handbag right, lol
  5. hahahahha that is the cutest thing.
  6. So cute!:cutesy:
  7. she was SO proud of herself when she said it too! It was really cute!
  8. she asked her dad last night if he was going to buy her a louis vuitton...I got a bit of a "look" for that one, lol
  9. aww, thats adorable. your daughter caught the LV bug. :smile:
  10. I think I gave it to her! Makes up for all the cold bugs I get from them, lol ;)
  11. lol that's cute
  12. Also bc Louis Vuitton is actually a difficult name to pronounce ! so give that to a 4 yo, wow ! she'll say "LV" for any "bag" for ever now. Like we say "Xerox" for a copy machine.
  13. That means she'll appreciate your LV's!
  14. Too cute!
  15. aww that is so cute! start them young, that's the best thing! awww when she gets older you'll have something to bond over together