my daughter age 14

  1. My daughter is 14 and I just got her a new LV bag...she doesnt know if shes too young to carry a purse around everywhere. Is she? should she like carry it out to dinner and out with the family???!!?!?! I DONT KNOW :confused1:
  2. I carried a purse around from the age of around 12. I think I was in 7th grade or maybe even 6th! Of course, it was not a LV bag, but a bag nonetheless.
  3. I think that if she likes the purse then she can carry it anywhere. i dont think Louis Vuittons are for any particular occasion and I dont think shes young at all. She could join the forum too :flowers:
  4. Oooh, which one did you get her? I don't think she's too young to carry a purse.
  5. I've been carrying a purse since I was like 5! Too bad it hasn't been a LV all this time... :p
  6. There's nothing wrong with that, so I see no reason not to carry it :smile:. We have some members here 14 and under that carries LV if I'm not mistaken:confused1: If I ever get a daughter I will buy her the Mini HL when she learns to walk or something, lol.
  7. Maybe she shouldn't carry it everywhere, but just use it on special occasions. It could be her 'special' bag, that she didn't use everyday. That way, she'd really appreciate it.
  8. She's very lucky & I think she's not too young, my little cousin carries a purse and she is 11 !
  9. i don't think she's too young at all. i think i was around 14 when i started regularly carrying a purse. she is very lucky to have a LV :yes:
  10. I got my first gucci bag when l was 12 and my mother only let me use it for special events. I am 33 now and l have a daughter of 7 who knows her way around the LV web site better than me :blush: .
    As long as you are ok with it it's fine.
  11. my bF's niece is 3 and carries handbags and today I saw a little girl about 6 carrying a handbag and wearing some really cute sunglasses even though it was cloudy & raining
  12. I didn't carry a bag until I was a bit older - 15/16 or so. I kinda wish I had been given an LV or something as a keepsake of my teenage years. If she's prepared to look after it properly and make sure it's secure at all times then, in my opinion, it's fine for her to use it anytime. If you think she's still a bit young to take on that responsibility (omg, it's as though I'm talking about a child!) then maybe it should just be used for special occasions.

    She's a very lucky girl. Which bag did you get her?
  13. you gotta start them somewhere!!!! lucky daughter such a sweet momma!
  14. maybe save it for special occasion.
  15. for a special occassion ..I think at her age there is 1 out of 10 girls carrying a LV bag ...IMO