My Date with Bags and MUCH much More.... The best day EVER! PICS ON PAGE 7!!!!!

  1. It was horrible weather Friday in New YORK but I had a date with Baggaholic!!
    I schlepped to Bergdorf's and spent a couple of hours wondering the racks of gorgeous designer clothing.
    :drinkup:When Baggs arrived we had a great lunch where I had one to many glasses of wine perhaps....
    We made our way to the Hermes store :drool:
    My eyes filled with Gold, Potiron, Fuschia and Brighton Blue!!
    I was intoxicated by the smell of Barenia ( ahhh) and Kelly Caleche :nuts:

    When all was said and done... I met my wonderful new SA!!!
    thanks to Baggs ofcourse

    WHEN my Hermes bag and I GOT HOME .......

    My BF asked me to marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :cutesy::yahoo:
  2. Woo Hoo!!!!


    Hermes Bag??? Show us!
  3. Oh Minnie what a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing with us and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I'm sorry I missed you guys.
  4. WOW!! What a wonderful day! Congratulations!!
  5. CONGRATS Minnie!! Did you say yes??
  6. I meant my black birkin and my hermes shopping bag ( with the kelly caleche perfume inside)

    Thanks you everyone.
  7. Wow, The Perfect End To The Perfect Day!!!!!

  8. wow minnie!!! congrats on your engagement!!! i am so happy for you!
  9. Mazel Tov!
  10. YES, I said yes!!!!!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful day. I hope the man knows what the H he's getting into!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::drinkup:
  13. congratz! what a wonderful day it must be~
  14. oh Minnie what a wonderful news: congratulations!!!!
  15. Congratulations!!! xxxooo