My date code disappeared!!

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  1. Does anyone know where is the date code for the multipli-cite located?

    This must sound pretty weird, but I always check out all the date codes of my LVs after I buy them (ever since the day I unwittingly learnt about them :P ) and I am pretty sure I saw the date code for my multipli-cite before. This bag is a little more than a year old and recently I've stopped using it and forgotten about it. Today I saw it and took it out of its storage, and decided to inspect it, and suddenly the date code isn't where I thought it was! :wtf:

    Am I going crazy? Did someone swap my bag?

    Sorry for being paranoid. I just have a strange obsession with LV date codes... :wacko: :weird: I HAVE to know where it is! :hysteric:
  2. With Alcantara...the Datecode embossings will almost disappear because of the rubbing of the plush's there though...
  3. Ooh... I see. *feels like an idiot :P

    Actually I thought it was stamped on the leather... Now that I think about it it was probably on the alcantra

    Jedi mind tricks!

    Thanks for telling me.
  4. mine is almost disappearing on the cellphone strap. only cuz of the patina/dirt on the strap.. lol.
  5. I had purchased a LV Mat wallet from eBay not too long ago, and when I had received it, I almost gave myself a heart attack because I couldn't find the date stamp! Luckily after I calmed down, I found it. So you aren't alone!!
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