My Darling Petit Noe (and her little friend!)

  1. [​IMG]

    I really think this is my new favorite bag. :love: She holds sooooo much. Right now, I have in there, Coach sunnies, paperback book, Wapity (with camera), Ludlow wallet and Checkbook, Small Agenda, Cles, iPod, tissue, comb, Pochette Cosmetique, gum, BE compact, phone, pen and pencil, WW calculator...oh yes, and my little washcloth, so that my beautiful Noe has something pretty, soft and clean to sit on!

    And I had to show off my new agenda refills. My Melody/Kuromi. Cute! :wlae:
    noe01.jpg noe03.jpg inside01.jpg inside02.jpg agenda01.jpg
  2. Yeah, so you got the Noe! I'm glad you are loving it! :yes: Wow, that's alot of stuff in your bag. Where did you get the HK agenda refills? I really want those. Your agenda is the small, right? The only HK I can find doesn't fit! :sad:

    Congrats on your new bag!
  3. :yahoo: Your bag is gorgeous, I cant beleive all that stuff fits in it as well, I love it!!:nuts: :drool: :drool:
  4. love the pic! :smile: cute refills!!!! whered you get them? :smile:
  5. Cute. Congrats!
  6. I was thinking of getting this bag, does the drawstring annoy you at all and does it stay tied?? Can I see a pic with it on your shoulder??
  7. wow, congrats! petit noe is pretty roomy
  8. amazing how much it can hold. congrats!!!
  9. The petit noe is DARLING! I remember admiring it in one of the holiday eluxury catalogs, sooo cute!

    and wow, that baby holds a ton!
  10. Really does hold a lot of stuff!
  11. they are so nice
    love the melody
  12. Congratulations! I love your Noe and her friend! :heart: Such a cute goes so well! I can't believe how much you can fit inside.. what a great little bag! I love the agenda refill too.. Too cute!
  13. Love! And all that yummy naked vachetta! LOL
  14. Please tell where your purchased the agenda refills! I LOVE them, will they fit in the koala agenda?
  15. love the bag!! dont you love monogram? the peite noe fits ALOT! LOL! CONGRATS!