My darling Gucci and her best friend!!!!

  1. Desi is my next door neighbor's 1 1/2 year old golden retriever. He weighs almost 80 lbs and Gucci's not even 6 months old and weighs 25lbs. They have play dates almost everyday. Gucci takes every toy and treat away from Desi but he's so sweet he just lets her get away w/ it. Here they are wrestling over a ball (the one toy Desi's obssessed w/). It looks like they're making out LOL! The last pic is of Gucci w/ my DH.


  2. what a doll!! look at that face!!
  3. Awwww! Cuteness overload! Both dogs are beautiful, your DH isn't bad either...:graucho: But I wish my dog had neighbors to play with like that, I swear it's like we own the only dog on the street! What kind of dog is Gucci?
  4. I believe she is a full breed black and tan coon hound though it's hard to be sure b/c she's from a shelter.
  5. If she didn't have Desi to play w/ it would be awful. I take her to the dog park whenever the weather permits, but on rainy days I just have Desi over and they play and wrestle for a couple of hours.
  6. Everybody in your photos are cute!
  7. Cute pics! I remember when we were still in Melbourne, my Bhobho has an Alaskan Malamute as a pal. Bhobho is maltese mix and is around 10 kgs at the time, and Nanook is a huge dog that is 6 times Bhobho's size. I used to chuckled seeing the 2 together, such an odd pair, but they love each other!
    Bhobho hates big dogs... except Nanook.
  8. It's so good when they can play with other dogs. Our Boxer plays with the Springer Spaniel next door--they run laps around the yard.
  9. So cute!!!!
  10. They are adorable together. When my dog Angel was younger her best buddy was a Wire Hair Terrier of all about 8 pounds. Angel was a good 70 pounds but she was so gentle with the little girl who was also named Angel. The apartment where I lived had a nice dog run and Angel had a lot of friends. I lost Angel in May and I still miss her.
  11. Awww so cute ... you dh is not bad looking either, hee hee!
  12. Cindi - I'm sorry about your loss...I Lost my Kasey in June so I know what it's like. I had a dog name Angel when I was a kid!

    My hubby is a cutie:heart:
  13. Love the pics Karen! They look like they are having a ball......
  14. They look so cute together, Karen!
  15. What a cutie pie!!

    My babies Sophie and Max play like that all the time. Even though he is like 10 lbs heavier than her she still totally dominates him!!

    It is soooo cute to watch!