My DARK Indulgences

  1. So I took a look at the beautiful purchases that I've made over the last couple of days and realized that I'm apparently in a *BLACK* mood.

    Black Denim Neo Cabby GM
    Noir Mirage Speedy
    Chanel Camellia Wallet
    Chanel Camellia Card Case

    I loved the Burgundy Mirage and thought that it was actually more stunning than the Noir, but I just couldn't picture myself using it. And I really tried. I could easily see myself using the Noir though.

    Unlike most of my friends, my purses are mostly in color, I have one basic medium black purse and one large black tote before this purchase. So hopefully, I haven’t gone into black overload. And I realized that I didn’t have a black wallet – red, pink, brown with cherries…but before this, no black.

    I guess I felt practical, but I think they’re still very fun.

    So, what does everyone think? Good? Or more color?
    group pict.jpg cabby.jpg noir.jpg
  2. mmmmmmmm~~~ i LOOOOOVE your Chanel Camellia Wallet and Card Case....
    they are TDF!!!!! thank you for the eye candies.....
    congrats on your new black beauties! your kitty is so cute!!!!
  3. Thanks, Aramis always loves it when the camera comes out. He thinks I'm his own personal paparazzi.:p
  4. Great purchases!
    You got the Camellia card case......that is the Chanel that has been beckoning me. I hope there is one left in Vegas at the end of the month!
  5. I have mostly color in my bag collection, too but I think you will love having black -- it is so chic to carry a black bag when you're wearing color in your clothing! You will look fabulous! Congrats on your beautiful new additions :yes:
  6. Congrats!!! Love the Neo Cabby and the Mirage Speedy. Enjoy...
  7. Fabulous!!! I love everything you have including your precious kitty!!
  8. Love all your new stuff.
  9. love love love everything...congrats...which bag is your favorite the mirage speedy or neocabby black? They are both so nice but, if you could only have one which one would you pick and why? Great taste...
  10. I think you made great choices! At some point we've all made the mistake of buying something that was pretty but that we never use - you made the right decision getting the one you'll use more.

    And I LOVE your Chanel wallet and card case! :heart: Gorgeous!
  11. I only picked up my Mirage yesterday, I haven't used it yet. But I really LOVE my cabby. If I could only pick one....arrgh...I would probably pick the cabby because I can dress it up and down. And I'm going to take it on my next trip as my carry on because it fits TONS, but isn't too big.

    But I can't wait to use my Mirage!
  12. awesome pieces! congrats!
  13. I love black, and your new stuff.
  14. Love both but, from the pic the cabby is sooo unique and functional.....:drool::drool::drool:....great everyday bag as well...congrats!!!!
  15. me like it verry much i LoVe black...