my dark brown Gaucho...I hope!

  1. A little while ago I had a call from the Saks Dior SA who was hunting down a nice dark-brown medium Gaucho shoulder bag for me. She'd called on Sunday to say she had found one at the Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills, but that they couldn't ship it until today. So I expected her call back today to be a confirmation...but it wasn't. Apparently there was some communication mix-up and they don't have one after all. My SA said she tried 4 other stores and nobody has the dark brown, just the red. I like red, but not as much as the chocolatey brown. I was sad. :sad:

    I thought, my next step will be to call the Neiman's in Dallas that Swanky Mama Of Three suggested, so I went to the NM website to look for the store phone number. On a whim, I decided to check and see if they happened to have the bag in stock...and they DO!! I doublechecked, and indeed they have the brown, although the black and ivory are still on backorder until November. Not wanting to take any chances, I ordered it right then - with 2-day delivery. It should arrive Thursday. Yay! :yahoo:

    My only concern now is about color. The NM website lists the color as "khaki (dark brown)", and the pic is dark brown. But if I look on the eLUX site, they have it in "brown" which is lighter and looks more khaki to me. Weird. I guess I can return it if it turns out to be the light-brown color, right? :shrugs:
  2. Yes, you can return it. I have the khaki one and it's definitely not the color in that pic. I think they just made an error....they often call their bags the wrong colors. I had a khaki paddy and they called it forest green which wasn't the official name from Chloe. I'm sure it will be fine!
  3. Hippiechic, I hope you love your new bag. But girlsgottashop is right. If the color isn't right, definitely return it.
  4. Update: I cancelled my order for the brown Dior Gaucho. The more I thought about it, the less I thought it was worth the price tag. I liked it a lot, it's a very cool bag, but not $1500 (including tax + shipping) worth of cool, IMO. I might pay that much for an LV, but the quality is amazing and they hold their value much better than Dior. It was a tough call, but at that price, I should really be in love...and I wasn't. NM was very gracious about cancelling the order, I would definitely buy from them again.

    Also, I realized that the size, shape, and color are very similar to a Coach bag I have from last year. Coach is nowhere near Dior when it comes to class, but it's a particularly nice one -- one of the few I saved when I sold the rest of my Coach bags this year. So I won't be SOL if I want a cute dark brown leather flap shoulder bag for fall. Better to save my pennies for something I can't bear to be without!