My Daphne's HERE!

  1. Just got back from Dallas to find a box from the Coach outlet in Aurora. I love this bag!

  2. Very, very nice! I wanted that bag desperately when it first came out....congrats!
  3. Beautiful! Love the braided straps. Congrats!
  4. congrats!
  5. I love the braided straps!! Congrats
  6. Thanks! I was considering the pewter metallic version, but my SA convinced me that the black would be more durable. I love this more than the Legacy bags!
  7. So, so nice! Congratulations!
  8. Its beautiful!
  9. ohhh the braided straps is so gorgeous,congrats !!!:drool:
  10. I have a black Daphne too, and I LOVE it. Everytime I carry it into a Coach store I get a crowd of SA's around me admiring it. Daphne is a gorgeous bag. Congratulations. :smile:
  11. Beautiful! Congrats.
  12. Gorgeous bag. Congrats
  13. It's a great bag....I just got mine last week after a year of searching. I never thought I'd see one at the outlets again. Enjoy your bag!
  14. Mind if I ask how much that was?

    I'd love to find that at my outlet.
  15. LOVE it! One of my close friends has the daphne in black too. I LOOOVE the purple lining! So pretty!

    I'd LOVE to find this in white - but I know - fat chance. :p