My Daphne has finally found me

  1. Last night I went to the outlet to return the blue patent gallery tote which I got 2 months ago and just didn't love. I have been hunting the outlets and eBay for close to a year for a daphne but have never found one at the outlets and just couldn't decide if eBay was the way to go for it. I have been tempted and was watching one very closely. I figuered if I returned the tote and got some money back I might not feel so bad buying the daphne off of eBay. SA's all know me and have had me on the list if one should happen to come in either as a return or from retail.

    After returning the tote, I was talking with the manager about me desire for that darn daphne and she showed me a daphne in camel suede with the brown trim that had just come in. It was georgous but I've had bad luck with suede so I said no even though I was shocked they had one. Then one of the SA's mentioned that last week she saw 4 black daphnes in the back ready to be put on display. The manager said they were sold last week when she was not working. I almost cried. :crybaby: I've wanted one for soooo long and the manager felt extremely bad for me. The other SA insisted that she still had them and went into the back and returned with 4 daphnes for me to choose from. They were planning to put them out on Saturday. Did I luck out or what. So, my search for the daphne is finally over and I am so happy :yahoo: to finally have her home with me. I have bought so many similar satchels including the legacy leather satchel and the calf leather pocket satchel to cosole me but I still yearned for that daphne. Now I can finally stop buying satchels because I finally have the bag I have been dreaming of. Sorry about the long post .
  2. Congratulations!
    The Daphne is such a beautiful handbag, I know she'll get lots of love from you!
  3. Congratulations! Can you post a pic? I'm not sure I know what this bag looks like.
  4. Congrats!!! Post pics if you can!!!
  5. I saw them..yes congrats..that Dapne is a beautiful bag!!!
  6. Congratulations! I can totally empathize with you. My outlet was able to get one shipped to me from another store in their district - should be here by next Friday when I get back from out of town!
  7. I named my sweet Yorkie Daphne after that bag last year, at alas, I do not even own it. I can only find the suede too.
  8. Congrats on getting the bag you always wanted-
  9. Congrats, now bring on the pics!
  10. Wow, meant to be :p
    Good for that SA for checking twice for you. That has happened to me before. They've said they're all out and then an SA who likes me checked and sure enough, it was there!
    Congrats on your new bag!
  11. I have always drooled over this bag - can I inquire - what are the outlets asking for this bag?
  12. YAYYYYYYY, congrats on finding your dream bag.
  13. It was $399. I was hoping for an additional 20% off but they wouldn't offer it. Manager said if it will be offered within the next 2 weeks for the additional 20% off, she would credit me the difference. I doubt that will happen as I'm sure the 3 left will be gone long before then. I'm sure glad I got mine and will post pics soon.
  14. congrats!!! :yahoo: definitely check on the extra 20% off, mine was offering the daphnes for $399 and 20% off a week ago.

  15. Thanks.....I'll give them a call next week to see. After all, $80 is $80 :jammin: