My Danielle and Veruka came!

  1. Got my bags form Net-A-Porter! I´m here at work so I can´t post pics yet, but will do after work:yes: I LOVE the Danielle!!! It´s gorgeous. The Veruka bag is extremely cute too. Light and cuuute.
  2. Nola, congrats! =) Looking forward to your pictures. =)
  3. congratulations. can't wait to see pictures.
  4. That is wonderful! Can't wait to see them! I know you must be so excited!
  5. Yippee!! Can't wait to see pics Nola!
  6. congrats are twofold-first on your getting your $$ back and second on your new mjs
  7. Here are the honeys! I love both of them, so different yet beautiful. The Danielle is goooorgeus irl. As you can see my cat Lucy loves the bag too :shame: Excuse my homeclothes and hideous expression on the last pic.
    Kuva 205.jpg Kuva 203.jpg Kuva 206.jpg Kuva 208.jpg Kuva 210.jpg Kuva 211.jpg Kuva 215.jpg
  8. Great bags! I love your Verkua tote...I got the other Veruka - the one with her in a funny little dress. Enjoy your new purchases!
  9. Oh the dress one is so cute!
  10. Nola I love both...yeahhhh...we both have Danielle MJ bags...I love the colour....mine is the tan/carmel you saw the pic...both colours are soooo nice...I was going to get the brown but, I already had a brown guccissima large tote so I opted for the tan....I want my collection to have colour and vary a bit....Lucy also has great taste...fabulous bags enjoy them they look soooo hot on you!!!!! Cheers:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. so pretty, congrats!
  12. You look great with Danielle. Veruka looks so cute too, is it possible for you to model that for us too? =)
  13. Nola -- the leather on your Danielle looks really soft :heart: ! Congratulations!! Your cat is extremely cute, BTW :smile: !!
  14. ^ Forgot to mention about your cat Lucy, how cute! =)
  15. :graucho: Mighty good looking with that Danielle, Nola! As abaglover mentioned, the leather looks so sweet! So glad you got a refund on the others, and have these two lovely new MJs in their stead. The Veruka is too cute. Cheers on both!

    Indeed, your meow meow is precious.

    If you don't mind my saying, your glasses are really cool too :shame:.