My damier speedy is staining my stuff!!!!!!!!

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  1. At first, i saw some stain on my mini monogoram wallet it was pink. i had no idea what happened. so couple days ago i brought it to LV, i show to the SA and she asked me could it be my bag? then i was like i used my damier speedy 25. So she said it might be teh red lining inside. Well she took my wallet and show her manager but her manager said it wouldn't happen liek that. However, today i put my mini monogram wallet and my LV dust bag (inside i have my vernis cles lol) in my bag. When i took it out, i saw red stain on my dust bag, and some on my mini monogram bag. ITS NOT RAINING AND MY BAG IS NOT WET!!!. so i came to conclusion it could really be my bag..the inside red colour is staining my stuff. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE? HELPP!!!!!!:yucky: :sad: :crybaby: :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. no i havent had that problem at all. It sounds like it could be your lingin. I would go back and show them the other piece also
  3. :wtf: :confused1: I have 6 Damiers and have never had that problem...even when I carry my white little jacket in it...strange...this ones for the Manager of LV to deal should definetly have them investigate.:yes:
  4. DEFINITLEY take everything back and show them, they should replace or fix, if one company knows how to standby their products it's Louis (and they bloody well should!) wow I just sounded british! haha but yea take it back with everything (cles/dustbag etc) and it'll be fine, they should be able to do sumthin'
  5. I have a damier speedy and haven't noticed anything like that. I will keep my eye out though. Get LV to clean or replace.
  6. I haven't had any problems with mine.:shrugs: I hope you get this problem fixed! Good luck.
  7. Wow that doesnt sound good. I wonder if its just the cloth like material that has this issue.
    Is it on anything else in your bag?
  8. i dont have any problems with mine either..hope it works out for u!
  9. Sounds like defective lining inside your bag. I just turned in my Multicolor Mini HL because the lining was seeping out into the canvas (still remains a mystery as to why...), but in my case the bag was indeed defective. Will not hurt to get a second opinion from another SA (perhaps at another store). Keep your receipt and any paperwork handy just in case.
    Good luck!!
  10. Take it into LV and show the manager again. LV is pretty good when it comes to defects.
  11. I have no problem with my damiers!
    Yep, you should show them to your LV manager.
    Hope everything would be better soon, shopaholiccat!
  12. thats so scary

    makes me almost reconsider adding a damier speedy to my lil Lv family
  13. Eeek- that's a worry.:wtf: They should sort it out for you pronto.
    Sounds like there is too much dye in the lining and it hasn't been able to set properly.
    Good luck!
  14. actually, this is happening to me too... i have a white ipod case and a white coin purse.. and now they both have reddish color on them from my damier speedy... :sad:
  15. Wow, that's unusual. I've never experienced this with any of my Damier bags. And I've carried them in rain and heavy snow.

    Can you touch the textile lining inside the bag to see if it is damp? Because from what you've described, it sounds as if the red colour dye isn't 100% dry yet (which would be unusual anyway because it is supposed to be dry).
    Definitely take the bag to the store to have it examined and ask the store to tell you why this problem happened.

    Good luck!!