My Damier Speedy 30

  1. Ok its here :smile: and it wants to say it girl!...:nuts:

    I love it. It's huge but I love it. I will live in it! I can't wait for the shoulder strap to come! :wlae:
  2. It looks great with the bling on it:choochoo: . I may want one soon after seeing everyones.:shame:
  3. gorgeous...i cant wait to get this bag! any modeling pics???
  4. Lovely bag and charms, congrats!!!
  5. Once I think to buy a damier Speedy 25 to be my first Speedy bag. Love the material of handle which color will not change but I ended up to buy Azur instead because I love the color.

    I still want to buy a classic damier but I ended up buying a Mini Lin.

    After seeing your bag I think of buying it again.

    I wish you didn't post it (lol)

    Anyway, Congrats!
  6. wow that looks FANTASTIC!
  7. ohh loveeee the charm.........matches the speedy's hardware so perfectly.....enjoy it!!!!!!!! ..and yes, do post modeling pics...esp when the strap comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. :yes:
    i too was thinking of going with a mono or azure speedy but then i don't know if i could handle caring for the vachetta...with this lovely chocolate brown leather, i am worry free :heart:
  9. don't u just love fresh damier :smile:
  10. it looks great! congrats!
  11. Wow those are great are making me like damier more and more. Congrats and enjoy your beautiful bag.
  12. thank you all :smile: if i can muster up the guts to pose w/my new buddy, i'll post it later hee...:shame:
  13. Very nice. Congrats.
  14. i love the pics! very nicely shows the beauty of this bag... congrats!
  15. That's why since I got azur I used it for only few times. I don't want any dirt on my bag :hrmm: .