My Damier SO Greenwich PM - it's happening!

  1. :p

    Woohoo! I just got a call today from my fantastic SA from Sydney's Castlereagh Street store; telling me that my special order enqiry for my Special Order Damier Greenwich PM has been approved :smile:

    I really did just sigh with relief, because after years (literally, 3 years) of indecisiveness; flipping between wanting a Monogram keepall 50, to a Special Order Damier Keepall 45, to a seasonal Keepall; I have finally decided on my 'forever and ever' weekend bag, and can kiss my American Apparel duffle and other inferior substitutes goodbye :graucho: I decided on the Greenwich PM because its square shape shape lends itself so well to Damier, whereas on the Keepall, the Canvas feels slighly forced (IMO) Or at least, I keep feeling that the Keepall shape belongs to Monogram Canvas and ONLY Monogram canvas). Also, it's almost cube-like shape I've always loved and it's much more 'access friendly' than the keepalls,you can see all it's insides when open, whereas the keepall you sort of have to dig through to get at it's corners.

    Its' special details are as follows:

    - Rust-orange Alcantara lining instead of brown canvas (not the same colour as the Damier items' Alcantara which is a vivid, almost red, orange - although I'm going to take a final look at colour options, because there's a deep, mossy green which might work also)
    - Second internal D-ring (the current Greenwich PM has a single ring to the left of the internal pocket, mine has a second to the right)
    - External pocket on front (side that zipper closure locks onto)
    - Feet (either four, or 6 of these golden babies. Waiting to see what Paris' word is on the number).

    (!) I'm still in shock that my external pocket request was approved! My SA says they'll get details on exactly what the pocket style will be that's available and she'll have me come in to discuss, but she says it will most likely be just as I requested, a simple slice in the damier, with a pocket between the canvas and internal lining.


    The only bummer now is the wait... since France is on holiday :push:

    *Oh, and I picked up the new 'Journey' cards featuring Catherine Deneuve, Mikhail Gorbachev and Steffi Graf/Andrew Agassi. Love the ads. Even though Catherine is airbrushed within an inch of her ManhattanPM :drool:
  2. yay congrats!!!!!!!
  3. That piece of luggage is SO classy! Congrats - it sounds tdf.. make sure you post pics when it arrives!
  4. congrats! im glad they approve SOs with only slight modifications. hmmm... i wonder what i can request :idea:
  5. that's great congrats i'm considering an SO too
  6. Wao.. That awesome..
  7. wow, congrats
  8. Congrats!
  9. That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see the results.:yes:
  10. WOW!! That's so cool, i can't wait to see it when it arrives. Should be awhile, did they tell you how long?
  11. Congrats!
  12. Wow Congratulations.
  13. Oh wow! Congrats!! I know what you mean about damier being better in certain styles!! Cant wait to see the drawings!
  14. Wow! Congratulations! I'm very curious what the result is going to be!
  15. Thanks all :smile: I will definitely report on every step of the SO process to keep you all in the know.
    I've only been told, 'close to a year' - because of France being on holiday atm - so far, but that's not a problem for me, I'm in no hurry, am just happy that I've finally decided on something, and something that will be quite unique :graucho:

    I'm also sort of glad I didn't 'settle', for a Keepall, which as much as I love for it's very icon-status, it quite a common bag... well, as 'common' as a brand like Louis Vuitton can get :okay: