My Damier & Sharpie adventure! (warning: LONG!)

  1. Okay, so last week or so I posted that I've received my Damier Sarria that I bought from a fellow tPFer and that it was in great condition considering the price I paid for it, but there was a little bit of wrinkled leather (inevitable, I understand), a tiny tiny white mark on the chocolate leather, plus a 1cm smudge mark (probably a scratch too) and a 4 cm long white scratch on the canvas.

    At first I thought I can ignore the scratches...but today I brought the bag out for the second time in two weeks and I realized that the only thing preventing me from taking this bag out more often is my obsession with the scratches. Every time I see them I get so sad... :sad:

    The small one doesn't bug me, but the large one is quite visible under natural lighting, especially when the bag is viewed straight. It's just a surface scratch, so I think some of the color on the canvas pattern simply came while I was in the car with my boyfriend, and while I was obsessing over the scratch (again), I thought, why don't I just add some color so the scratch isn't visible any more?

    I experimented with a VERY fine blue point pen and dotted one part of the white scratch and it looked better! I could tell it was blue, but the scratch looked smaller instantly (it wasn't a continuous was more like a few white dots...formed by something that scratched across the canvas). When I got to work, I used--a SHARPIE. Black, permanent, and water-resistant sharpie. I knew one little slip and my bag would be ruined, so I took the bag and the sharpie to a very sturdy/stable table in the restaurant under direct sunlight and started dotting the white parts ever so gently and carefully. Luckily, most of the white dots were sitting on top of the black parts of the Damier canvas...and the sharpie did a GREAT job of giving the white spots its black color back! I over did a very small portion and you can tell (if you look VERY carefully) that there's a larger black mark than usual, but it's not even noticeable! I showed my boyfriend and he thought it looked GREAT!

    I wish I took before and after pics...I'm so happy right now that it's fixed. I tried fixing the smudge-looking scratch but since whatever scratched it actually took out a little of the canvas it didn't work as well. It still looks good though! :yahoo:

    Just wanted to share with you guys...aren't I ADVENTUROUS! One little slip and it'd be worse than before...many of you are probably tsk tsk-ing me :angel: My coworker saw me and asked, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR VUITTON?!". Oh well!
  2. :wtf: :nuts: :sweatdrop: Lucky it works for you:P. Thanks for the tips too, my Damier has a scratch ....might try it someday:sweatdrop:
  3. :wtf: is exactly the expression I expected from everyone! I mean, fiddling around with a $500 bag! AM I INSANE or what?

    Anyways, I used the thick tip Sharpie because that was the only one available at work and I REALLY wanted to get it was dangerous, but I'm sure the FINE tip ones would work a LOT better...and you can probably be more precise too! Sometimes I had to dot a few times to cover an area...probably because I was dotting the black area around.

    Since sharpie comes in different colors, I think getting a black and a brown one would work well too! :flowers: Just in case a part of the scratch is on the brown part.
  4. :wtf: were brave...glad it worked out! :yes:
  5. wow...that IS brave! but yay that it worked so well! Now you can take it out more!
  6. Whatever works for you ! :yes:

    (I did the same thing to my boots when my rat ate away a part of it.. grr)
  7. Wow, I am so glad it worked! I will have to remember that!
  8. Sharpies are great, I have them in multiple colors and thicknesses, they've repaired many scratches on shoes and bags....
  9. Good to hear I'm not the only one who's brave (silly) enouhg to do so! :lol:
  10. Good for you.
  11. wow...I'm glad everything worked out!! :P If I was in your position...I would have probably done the same thing, if the scratches were bothering me!:yes:
  12. Glad your little experiment worked out! Phew! CONGRATS on now being able to bring your new Damier out more often!!!
  13. I'm go to hear it worked out! :smile:
  14. That's great that you found a way to fix the scratch. You're a lot braver than I am. I would have been scared to death of ruining the bag!
  15. I've worked in the furniture business for 6+ years now and we use sharpies all the time to touch up wood. It never occured to me to use it on a purse though, although I'm not sure I would have tried it anyway. You're much braver that I am! Glad it worked out for you.