My Damier family

  1. I recently bought the Speedy 25 in Damier.
    Couldn't resist this other little piece this last week in Vegas......

    It was between the Pochette accessoires and the Make up Pouch.
    I love the way the make up pouch can hold a lot.. it is wider at the bottom then the Pochette. You can still get it over the shoulder and it fits great in the Speedy!

  2. only see red x's :confused1:
  3. :confused1: I can't see it
  4. Let me try to post the pictures again...:confused1:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  5. how cute!! i LOVE the damier speedy 25
  6. Gorgeous family :smile:
  7. Yeah- love your damier family!
  8. Aaaaahhh, you got the Trousse make-up ~ my favorite!!:tender: Congrats on your lovely Damier family!!
  9. Beautiful Damier Family! :love:
  10. Congrat's, very nice:smile:
  11. Nice Damier family - congrats!
  12. Great family- the pouch is so adorable!
  13. Yum! I love the Trousse! :drool:
  14. Cute! I like your speedy!
  15. What beautiful children you have!!! My next LV purchase WILL be damier--I :heart: it!