My Damaged Black Box Kelly

  1. :amazed: Okay I had to share my story, but relax it was just in my DREAM. I am coming off the most horrible week and this just added to it.

    Last night, I had this dream that someone did a forced entry into my home and my husband was working. They didn't try to hurt me, but used intimidation etc. They went through so much of my things and later just left my home. It appeared they left with nothing. Of course on a quick look I could not see anything missing, but woke up before really knowing.

    What I did see was my large Hermes box cracked open and the person gouged out several lines all over the front of the Kelly. It was so damaged I think I felt the actual pain through my dream.

    Usually I forget about my dreams when I wake up, but this one was just awful. I remember asking to myself in the dream, "could Hermes even fix this?"

    I am not sure what all this dream meant, but you know I had to share. Hopefully, I will have a better week this week.

    It was like my baby was mutilated. I think this Hermes thing may be running too deep for me.

    WAIT...why didn't they steal my baby and just make me cry??? Just bizarre.
  2. Ouch, sounds like you had a rough night!
  3. Oh - that's awful! I've had wierd Hermes dream, too. Probably because I spend too much time thinking of orange boxes!:whistle:
  4. Maybe it's the heat of the summer!

    (I can laugh about it now, but it was disturbing)
  5. I've had disturbing dreams like that, usually after I ate something that disagreed with me.
  6. Kellybag, the title of this post was so alarming! I'm so glad that your bag is all right, and that it was only a dream. Phew!
  7. Oy, you had me scared for a minute there. Usually when I have a terrifying dream about Hermes, it has to do with me spending WAY TOO MUCH!!! Ok, glad we call breath again!
  8. least it was just a dream!!
  9. Oooh Kelly bag I couldn't help but squinch my eyes at your story.... YOu know how in some cultures they believe that dreams forcast the opposite..

    Since one was destroyed...maybe a black box kelly sitting in your closet in the near future!?!?!?!?:graucho: :graucho:
  10. Sounds good to me!

    Hopefully, something bad won't happen...I swear I border up my home like Fort Knox at night!!! Talk about living in fear!!!

    Luckily, I woke up before the final outcome of it son had to do the "in the middle of the night" bathroom episode.
  11. Dr. Kel,
    not to worry, honey. I had my first Hermes dream experience last nite!!!: I missed my haircut appt due to my long visit in Hermes!!!
    You know, we are an okay bunch in my book.
    We get each other, and this runs deep for me!!!
    millions of thanks to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh- i have a plisse scarf that i never wore so i ironed out the pleats and i love it to pieces!!! shopmom, its in the photo.
    hi heels, i cannot thank u enough for the info on the mini brand book.
    i carry it with me along with The Four Agreements!!!!
  12. Gosh, KB, you freaked me out!!! I loathe bad dreams......esp.bad Hermes dreams! I reckon another Kelly coming your way is a great interpretation of this one!!
  13. Thank goodness it was just a dream! Last night I had a dream about taking pictures of my new scarf for you all and I kept having to climb higher and higher on a ladder to take the picture. :lol: It was really weird. And DH had a dream about me buying a bag. :roflmfao:
  14. Sounds like you're having higher aspirations that you intend to reach, perhaps, a new Hermes bag?
  15. Ooops, didn't mean to double post.