My Dad the Rock Star

  1. I was flipping through the channels and came across a cartoon called My Dad the Rock Star. I decided to watch an episode because I remember Gene Simmons having a copy of the comic book in his lair.

    What would life be like if you were the son of a rock star? Being the new kid on the block is hard enough; it's even harder when your dad is Rock Zilla, a super-popular seven-foot-tall billionaire rock star. Rock suddenly decides to go into semi-retirement, and moves the family to a house in the sleepy suburb of Silent Springs. Willy, Rock Zilla's 12-year-old son, thinks that all his dreams have come true. But he soon learns that when hotel rooms and tour buses are the only home you've ever known, living in a small town, as the son of a famous celebrity, can present a whole lot of unexpected challenges.

    Aided by komoto dragon Mosh and best friends Alissa and Quincy, Willy tries his best to live a "normal" life in the burbs.

    Willy Zilla: Willy is 12 years old, likable and unspoiled by either wealth or reflected fame. After all, wealth and privilege has come with a circus attached to it, one that Willy has grown more than a little tired of. He is smart, considerate, friendly, and down to earth. He minds his own business; he's just trying to do his own thing without stepping on anybody else's toes. But his absolute lack of exposure to "ordinary life" gives him the pretext and the perspective To be curious about everything...and a reason for being befuddled by it all.

    Rock Zilla: The Dad. Middle aged ("says who?!") but fit and exuberant, Rock is torn between his attempts to remain a pop music icon symbolizing youth and father to a wife and two kids he's crazy about. Larger than life, and twice as outrageous, Rock tries to be a "normal" parent for Willy. But his attempts to fit in to the day-to-day routine of Silent Springs are about as subtle as a power chord blasted through a Marshall stack.

    Crystal Zilla: The Mom. A former model, Crystal looks younger than her years. An L.A. style New Ager. In other words, she's a nutritionally and spiritually conscious woman, but not a hippie Earth Mama; she likes her platinum Visa card as much as her Tarot cards, and her Gucci as much as Granola. Which isn't surprising, for someone born in the Chinese year of the D- hey, wait a minute, you could figure out her age from that, so forget it!

    Serenity Zilla: Willy's 16 year-old sister. A spoiled, bossy, sarcastic "princess". In the same way that Willy's situation makes him a heightened-reality version of a tween, Serenity's privileged position, her vanity, self-absorption, and domineering personality make her the heightened-reality version of the real-life older sister that every younger dreads. Although she can on occasion be affectionate and familial, she is too spoiled to be able to keep her narcissism in check for long, and remains focused exclusively on herself.

    It's a cute show. It was created by Gene Simmons. It was based on Simmons' book "My Dad the Rockstar: Rebel Without a Nose Ring."

    Initially, this series was to be about the band KISS itself, but it changed into the story of the Zilla family.

    (Rock has similar hair and a similar tongue as Gene.)
  2. I hate kids shows that treat children like idiots and this one doesn't. The writing is really good.

    (A flashback: Rock as a teenager waiting on a bus stop with his father who was showing off his cello and wearing a tuxedo.)
    Rock: Dad! Do you have to wear that in public?!
    Old woman: Oh, look! It's the famous cellist, (?) Zilla! Would you be so kind as to play me something?
    Mr. Zilla: Certainly.
    (plays tune)
    Rock: Dad! Could you be any less groovy?!

    Willy: Well dad, you do have a tedency to draw attention to yourself.
    Rock: I have no idea what you're talking about.
    (Scene changes to outside their limosine, where swarms of fans climb over the car)

    Director: The problem with finding inner peace and tranquility is that it's, umm. What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, Boring!

    (The manager for Pubessence has just asked Skunk to be a roadie for the band on the phone.)
    Skunk: I'm sorry but my loyalties are with the Zillas. (Hangs up) Like I'll ever be working for some sissy boy band!

    (Willy is listening to some fast, easy-listening jazz while Rock is crawling on the floor as if he is dying.)

    Rock: (Listening to really loud music) When I ask for feedback, I want feedback! I can hardly hear this! It sounds like a mouse burping under a pile of pillows!

    (Willy and Rock are at a play. As soon as the first actor comes onstage with a skull in his hand, Rock stands up with a lighter and howls. Willy glares at him.)
    Rock: This is the lamest concert I've ever been to.

    Rock: I'll always be by your side Skunk, no matter...
    (phone rings)
    Rock: Just a minute, Skunk.

    Shopkeeper: Clean up in Aisle 1..
    (Rock creates distrubances in the Aisles)
    Shopkeeper:...2......3..and 4.

    (Sees Willy's project mark)
    Rock: I don't suppose an "F" stands for fantastic?

    Rock: Escargot is just a fancy way of saying dirty slimy snails.
  3. I found this show, too. It was funny, I enjoyed it. I never found it again, though. :sad: I love cartoons to take my mind off things.