My dad didn't like his LV gift...

  1. Well everyone....for those that may have remembered, I ended up purchasing a 6 cc taiga wallet for my dad. It was supposed to be his first LV, and I was *soooo* excited to give it to him!

    We ended up opening presents last night (partially b/c we have so much going on these next few days, and partially b/c i'm the type that can't wait to give ppl presents!).

    My dad got to go first, and what did he choose to open first? The LV wallet! I was so excited I videotaped him opening it....he smiled at my LV wrapping paper, and carefully opened it b/c he didn't want to rip the ads.....when he saw it was an LV shopping bag, there were no "ohhh's" or "ahhhh's" - no emotion, really.

    When he finally got to actually opening it and seeing his wallet, he didn't smile, nor did he really say I asked him if he would've preferred it in the brown (I got the black), and he said he'd hafta see it in person. THEN he asked what other options there were......:confused1: I turned to elux to show him the Utah wallets and the epi wallet...but I was so disappointed.

    Needless to say, I was quite disheartened last night b/c I had to go to Holt's/Bloor 4 times to get the wallet in black. I dunno if it sounds selfish, but I kinda wish he at least pretended to be happy about the gift, knowing how much it costed and that my brother and I don't have much money....I don't mind that he would want to exchange it, but it was just disappointing b/c I put so much time and effort into picking it out and there was barely a smile on the face. :s

    The only good news is that today I think we'll be heading to the LV boutique today as a fam, so my mom was saying we could all pick up a lil something, but they already got my the trevi pm this year, so I'd feel like a bit of a crook having them buy me something else....anywho, just needed to share with my fellow tpf-ers as I didn't want to show my fam I was a bit upset.

    Hope the rest of your holidays and gift-giving are going well!:tup:
  2. aww ! I'm so sorry for you. I agree with you that he should have pretended he liked the wallet seeing you had put a lot of thought into getting him one.
  3. I'm sorry but I think is a bit rude that he didn't even smile, so my best guess is that he was a little sad or uncomfortable with the fact that you spent a lot of money on him. Be more traditional, go get him a boxers, socks and shirts packages from walmart, this will make him laugh :p
  4. Awww... that's a bummer. I agree he could have at least given some kind of happy emotion when he opened your present. :sad:
  5. Maybe he was shock u spent so much onthe wallet but it was really nice of you:p
  6. mom always has the same reaction to gifts I give her "oh?..." and not in an excited way. This is to gifts that she has been bugging me for for months and things that I know she likes...Parents! That's why I haven't bought her any LV yet!
    Anyway, I'm sorry this was so disappointing maybe as geniepr said he was a little uncomfortable. I hope your shopping trip goes well today - maybe he'll realize how much he loves it before he gives it up!
  7. That's a bummer. However, when it comes to wallets I've learned it's best to let the man pick out the style. Every time I have bought wallets for the men in my family they have exchanged them. Hope that makes you feel better. Some men can be very particular about their wallet. Still he coulda acted kinda happy!
  8. Awwwwww...That sucks,your where realy thoughtfull of getting him that.You did a very nice thing,if he doesent like it,then it's his problem...
  9. aww, thats too bad :sad:
  10. oh im so sorry about your dad's reaction. i agree with the others, maybe he's not comfortable about you spending so much money for a gift for him. i think parents are like that. mine are. is your dad always like that? or he just didn't like what you gave him?

    look at it on the bright side, if he really can't choose another lv to replace what you gave him, you can use it for another bag. but i hope something catches his eye cause i'm sure you've been saving up and so excited about it. goodluck! and merry christmas!
  11. Aw that is dissapointing he didn't react more appreciative - may be taste, price, or who knows, he definitely should have been more gracious about it no matter what. Anyway I'm sure it will work out.

    Have a great rest of the holiday season :smile:
  12. thanks guys....the thing is that we bought my mom the ph earlier this year for her b-day, so i wanted to get a nice lv piece for my dad as well, and my mom had talked w/ him saying i was thinking of getting him an lv tie one day and his response was "..hmm...why not a wallet?" so then i went for the wallet.

    texasgirl - i think you're right...i didn't realize some men would be so particular about their bf and bro seem pretty comfortable with any standard black wallet, but my mom was saying "sometimes boys are even fussier than the girls!"

    anyways, thanks for trying to make me feel better, guys...*hugs*:okay:
  13. Aww... that really sucks, sorry to hear about it. Maybe he didn't seem happy about it because he knows you and your brother don't have that much money and he doesn't want you guys to spend so much on a gift?
  14. Aww so sorry! It reminds me of when we gave my father in law a cool pair of Black Reeboks (many moons ago) he turned and looked at us and said what did you get these for??? LOL!!
  15. ^
    I agree, that may be the reason

    Maybe he was thinking "Didn't I teach my daughter better financial sense than this??" Just kidding hon. :heart:

    Or maybe he was just tired.

    Anyways, I hope you all manage to find something do end up enjoying. And have a nice trip to LV!