My Dad and I's very LV Christmas!!!!!!

  1. Well, more so my Dad, hehe. Here's are the LV gifts we got my dad for Xmas....He LOVED them soo much, he was so surprised and touched. I also got an LV piece from Andrew!

    My dad's gifts....I stamped his name on the pics for this one time, teehee!

    Damier 6-key Holder and Silk tie.....STILL don't know the name of this tie, the SA took out the tag w/ price off it when she wrapped it...if anyone knows the name of this tie, please tell me so I can tell my dad!


    He has all his keys in it all ready...even his car keys!!!! He's so happy, hehe..

    And here is my LV from Andrew..
    LV Complice Cles (along with a new Marc Jacobs Plum Mina bag!)

    I also got a Links of London charm bracelet with a Links of London Gingerbread Man charm to go with it! He's so cute!

    I also got a gold cupcake necklace with red, blue and yellow little diamonds in it, acting as the sprinkles! And a Dior Lights Lipgloss necklace, which looks like a Xmas ornament with crystals all over (the gloss is a bronze-peach, so pretty). And a gold and white diamond fairy necklace! I made out so well, hehe.

    My mom LOVED her gifts, my dad definately loved his and Andrew adored his PSP Star Wars Edition and all his other gifts!

    Hope you all are having an amazing Xmas so far with lots of great presents, food, family & friends! I love you all xoxo! :flowers::heart::heart:
  2. Cool gifts! Congrats to you and your dad!
  3. Don't know the name of the tie, but it's gorgeous. Great gifts!
  4. Lovely gifts they all look beautiful GayleLV i hope you have a great christmas.
  5. yay congrats!
  6. The gifts you got your dad are so nice!
    Congrats on all your presents, Everything is so gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas!
  7. beautiful, congrats!!
  8. great stuff! congrats:biggrin:!!!!
  9. Cute stuff Gayle!! Congrats!! :biggrin:

    I love that MJ Mina! It looks like a Stam, but without the extra handles!!
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Very nice gifts indeed :girlsigh: Congrats :yahoo:
  12. Nice gifts! Congrats!
  13. Very nice presents you got your Dad and that you got! Congrats :smile:
  14. Beautiful gifts!!
  15. Gorgeous Goodies!

    Happy Holidays!