My dachshund loves Coach!

  1. Ok, so I decided to spoil my crazy dog a little bit... :nuts:

    And it matches one of my red snap keyfobs also, so we match! I bought it for 30 dollars in the outlet in Branson.
  2. Goodness, SO CUTE!!!
  3. Omg!!!!! So Cute!!!!!
  4. OMG! TOO adorable! It totally reminds me of my dog, with the ear flipped back and everything! Is it a boy or a girl dog?
  5. Cute!
  6. Girl, her name is Dorie and she is seriously psycho! What kind of dog do you have? Oh, and about the ear? One ear more specifically turns inside out then the other one. That other cute thing in the picture is my fiance.
  7. My fiance and I acually always fight about whether it is Dory, Dorie, or Dori. We adopted her and she had bee named after the alchohol, Madori. I just claim her name is Dorito Bandito.
  8. ahah what a cutie
  9. I love Dachshunds...!!!:heart:
  10. I have two miniature red, one black and tan. They're both little boys! The red one is the baby, he's 4 months. The older one looks like your dog, and he's 3 years old, but he's incredibly stinky! Their ears flip up all the time, too.
  11. i love dachshunds too...
    look at her...she's so cute!
    does she like to stand up that way??
  12. aww this is too cute..
    I rescued two little dachshunds a couple summers ago- curly and moe- they were both red (one was long haried and the other short- guess which was which?)
    but they hadn't been properly trained so they barked. ALOT ....I know it's a trait of the breed, but we had to give them up to a dachshund rescue, because the doggone neighbors were complaining! but they are so cute, and i really want to get another one someday!
  13. Cute!! My best friend in Georgia has a mini dachshund named Dutchess... she's an old gal now since my friend has had her for about 12 or so years...
  14. I LOVE dachschunds! Yours is so cute!
  15. Awesome! It's the perfect color too!!! She could model collars for Coach, she is gorgeous!