My D&B Collection

  1. It's a small collection of only my D&B, but I thought I'd post it anyway...:smile:
    WhiteITDB.jpg WhiteDBItWallet.jpg WhiteTartanDB.jpg PurpleDBIT.jpg GreenDB.jpg BrownDB.jpg
  2. Cute collection!
  3. Very pretty!! :love:
  4. Cute! I really like most of them, especially the shape of the purple one, and the overall look of the last two!
  5. Great D&B collection! I love that they are so colorful! The purple is my favorite. It's my favorite color and I love the shape! Thanks for the pictures!
  6. very nice!
  7. Very cute collection! I bought the 'It' bag in white for my SIL and she just loved it. Thanks for sharing:biggrin:
  8. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I must admitt that I felt a little embarrassed after posting my collection because so many of you have the realy, REALY nice, and REALY expensive bags.I love the realy pricey bags too, most of them are just not within my reach though:cry: so I have to stick with the under $500 bags:shame:
    I'm hoping to one day have a LV speedy under my arm, and boy would I truly love to own a Fendi Spy....but that is way outta my range! So I'll probably have to love that one from afar.:wondering
    My D&B's will have to do for now.:oh:

    The purple one is called a Gym Bag, it's the large one
    The white IT is the domed satchel, I have used it alot.
    Then there is the Tartan north /south bucket which I like, and am currently using.
    I have lots of other brands of bags, and a few no names, but they're nothing to get excited about.
    Anyways..thanks again.
  9. Don't be embarrassed at all! Are you kidding?!?! That's what's so great about being here! We all have a love for BAGS regardless of the price range or brand. Your bags are really nice and it's great to show them off so that everyone can enjoy seeing them.

    Take pictures of ALL of them - so what if some are "no names". You like them and I for one would love to see them!

    If you want a Speedy and Spy - then I'm sure you'll get them too! And take pictures when you do!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. Thanks Print*Model....maybe I'll take some pictures later of the rest.
    One day maybe I'll have the speedy and spy...I'm hopeful. haha
  11. Don't worry, all bags are loved here !! ;) Lovely collection !
  12. Hey Tasha, you should never be embarrassed about your D&B's. For many people even D&B's are out of their price range. I am a weird Bag collector. I Love My Coaches, but then I got into several Dooney's that I really liked and I aquired about 5 of them. Recently I was able to buy a few more expensive bags but my D&B's are still among my favorites. I just this week bought a Dooney Ostrich Deep Blue wallet. I guess I could have afforded any wallet I wanted but I "chose" the Dooney. I do love their wallets!
  13. Hi Ayla, & Lexie....thanks for the comments.:smile:
    I feel a bit better. I do envy you girls out there that have those beautiful LV's, and Fendi's!:love:
    Lexie, don't get me wrong, I love my Dooney's's just that I have read a few posts here that seem like they sorta look down at the D&B's, so I guess that's truly where the embarrassment came from.I would love to see your Dooney's Lexie....and I also like that's very hard to get ahold of where I live though....:blink:
  14. Tasha,
    I know alot of people who look down on D&B stuff. But I chose that wallet over any others because they just can't be beat. I had a Zip around for a long long time. It's indestructable. Still looks new so I listed in on ebay. I wanted a larger Ostrich one that had the laid out credit card slots. And since I bought A Dooney Ostrich Flap bag in brown, I fell in love with the ostrich stuff. I also have a Signature Black on Gray Barrel Bag.

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  15. Oh, BTW, I Ebay since I don't have a Dooney Store close. I got the bag for 159 and the wallet for 85. Both were brand new so I felt I paid a fair price.