my cyclamen birkin has arrived

  1. Just got a call to say my cyclamen birkin has arrived .....:yahoo:

    Only thing is i will have to see it first as it is in epson leather not my favourite... fingers crossed i will fall in has been a bit of a bag drought here and now in the 1 week i should be getting a bolide and a birkin.... then i will have to take things easy and enjoy them before i get anymore....:yes:
  2. BG -- i bet you fall in love with it . . . cyc. is GORGEOUS in epsom.
  3. Glad the birkin has arrived. I think you will probably fall in love with it!!
  4. How exciting! Let us now right away!
  5. Oh, cannot wait! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  6. Cyclamen- gorgeous, can't wait to see it. Congrats!
  7. here's my cyc. epsom agenda, w/ and w/out flash:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. WOW!!! Lucky you....

    Cyclamen is pretty in epsom.
  9. Ooh cyclamen birkin! Can't wait to see if you come home with it!!!

    DQ, that is gorgeous!!!
  10. [​IMG]

    Photo Credit: to our member Frenchiefan on this beauty. I think it is a great pic of cyclamen epsom. Maybe this will help you.
  11. K, your an evil queen resurfing that picture! :push: I miss that Kelly! Frenchie, how's the bag doing? Is she behaving well?

    Cyclamen in Epsom is very rich, it's like lavender. Stunning!!!!
  12. thank you guys for posting those pics ... i think i will love it ..... probelm is my dh went sking today for a week other wise i would go in today but will have to wait till thurs till the girlies are back at school.... patience is not my forte... ps my silver tgm boucle de sellier bracelet also arrived but my fab sa says it is in a tiny size...but cant wait to see it all in all a very exciting week ahead...:yahoo:
  13. Oh how can you wait??!!! Nothing would keep me lol! I have the cyclamen azap wallet in epsom and love it! It's a bright color but you already know that - and I think in a birkin it will hold up well. Good luck!
  14. Oh i cant wait.. this is soooooooooo exciting!!
  15. I know shoes i really should go into tomorrow but the girls have parties to go to etc and also it will get me thru the next few days being a single mum!!! :yes: