My cutest little new purchase came in the cutest little box!

  1. After a long, 10-hour shift at work from 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM today I decided to go to LV and "hang out" for a little bit before going home. Well, it was busy and there was actually a line up to the counter and while I was in line something caught my eye!

    When it was my turn an SA who I've spoken to a couple of times helped me, and within 1 minute I told him okay I'm going to get it! He packed it in the CUTEST LITTLE BOX, I've never seen Vuitton boxes this small. I was literally going AWWW at the little box and velvet pouch.

    It's nothing much really, since I can't buy a lot before the Beverly MM (which I got to play around with today...I'm STILL in love!). I used up the entire gift card from my RAOK buddy (THANKS AGAIN BUDDY!!!) and half of the gift card from my friend. It was $150 CAD and after tax it came to $159 CAD.

    No strip tease, I get annoyed at those now and it's really no biggie!

    Box and pouch beside bottle of nail polish to show the size:
    [​IMG] it Fleurs phone charm!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These are sooo cute. I love playing around with them so I can see these getting damaged real quick since it's just plastic...I love how the colours go well with my Nokia phone, though.
    It's really cute hung on my Batignolles as well but I don't put charms on my bags so this baby will stay on my phone.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I love my LV store now (well not in terms of the amount of stock they receive and how NOT punctual their shipments are) because most of the SAs there know me now and so they're really fear of going there any more! LOVE2 tote was supposed to be shipped from the Edmonton store today. I hope I receive it by Friday!!
    new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg new4.jpg new5.jpg
  2. It's cute indeed... Congrats, Karman!
  3. aw super cute! i love it!!
  4. both the charm and the box are super cute... i dun know the box comes in that tiny size either =P

    congrats !!
  5. Congrats -- it's really cute (phone charm and box)!
  6. Lovely, congrats!
  7. That's cute.
  8. cuteness!
  9. Very cute!
  10. awww cute!!! u make me want it ;) ;) ;) and i agree...the smallest box is so im just addicted to those boxes period! CONGRATS!
  11. cute, congrats!
  12. omg I love that little box! I'm half tempted to pick up one of those phone charms just for the little box, even though my phone doesn't have a place for a charm to hang!

    well, maybe not...but the box IS amazingly cute! yay!
  13. So Cute!!!
  14. Oh, so cute!
    Kinda like you.
  15. Cute! Enjoy!