My cute story romantic story about marc jacobs and my man

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  1. Tonight my fiancee came over and asked me do you love me and i said YES and he said i got you a present and he hid a bloomies bag behind my garbage can in my apt and i opened it and it was a Marc by Marc Jacobs tee that says peut-EIRE which means maybe in french. Hes french so it meant so much to me that he went to bloomies alone and picked out such a wonderful top!!! AWWW hes super sweet!! thought i would share that..
  2. awww it makes me want a sweet french bf :smile: well my bf is ice but you knnowww lol
  3. very sweet!
  4. It sounds like you found a good one! Congrats!
  5. nice!! He's a keeper. :smile:
  6. Very cute...I think a modeling pic is necessary :yes:!
  7. Awww, that's adorable! What a sweet guy!
  8. awwww, what a sweetheart!!! you are a luck girl!
  9. Such a cute story!
  10. aww! i would fall out if my fiance did that! lol
  11. that's so sweet of him!
  12. Your soo lucky,
  13. That's so sweet of him! I think it's extra cute when guys make the effort to go shopping for girls!
  14. Very sweet story
  15. I agree w/ SULI !!! A modeling pic is def necessary!!! Your BF is so sweet!!!!