My cute pink golf visor.

  1. My ups man just come at give me a burberry purchase yesterday. I dont know how to wear this hat yet. never worn this styles before.



    I also bought burberry sneaker check ( pink ) to match this visor. Will arrive on monday.
  2. Very cute! Congrats!
  3. That looks adorable on you! Please post pics of the sneaks when they arrive!

    Great summer color!
  4. so cute!! thanks for sharing!
  5. Very cute! Congrats on the visor and can't wait to see the shoes
  6. Congrats- it's adorable!
  7. Very cute!
  8. so cute, congrats!!
  9. cute
  10. Fun! I have a Nova Check version, let me dig up a pic for you!

    Okay here it is:


    Had to be stylish when visiting the Everglades in FL! This is my first Burberry item, and certainly not my last!
  11. you are wearin it in style girl! and you say you don't know how to wear it! wear it how you wear it in the pics. cute cute cute. i bet you can't wait for those sneakers too! very very cute. excited that you got the shoes because, you got to match some how, and you're literally matching from head to toe. he he he. my humor is so horrible :sad:
  12. that's a beautiful picture! oh you're stylin girl!:wlae:
  13. Thanks!

    To the OP, I can't wait to see your shoes either!
  14. Very Cute.
  15. that's really cute!