My cute new little accessory!

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  1. I finally managed to sell my Monogram Wapity last week:yahoo:, in order to fund the purchase of either the Pochette Tulum or Cancun. When I went to Toronto on 9/9 with sma11cat, we went to the Louis Vuitton boutique on Bloor Street, and I looked at both Pochettes. I was surprised by how small the Pochette Tulum was, and how it could barely fit anything more than my cell phone. Then I saw the Pochette Cancun and found it to be just the right size, but I didn't buy it in Toronto because it's cheaper in the U.S. and I wanted to come back to Buffalo and take advantage of eLuxury's free shipping :P.

    So here's my new Pochette Cancun. It arrived today with something else, but I'll only post that something else when everything else arrives :graucho:. The Pochette Cancun so cute :tender:, and I don't mind that it just has the regular button instead of the turn-lock that I loved about the Pochette Tulum, and the strap is the perfect length for wearing it across the body :yes:. And I included a photo of how it looks on me too.


    cancun 002.jpg
  2. Aw... that's so cute! It looks adorable on you!
  3. Cutieee!! :heart:33
  4. Very cute!
  5. Cute! It's bigger than I imagined, how much does it hold?
  6. i can fit my phone, cards, money, lip gloss and eyeliner in it :yes:
  7. Awesome! Thanks sandra.
  8. Very cute! It looks great on you!
  9. thanks everyone :love:!
  10. SO CUTE!:love: :tender:
  11. It's very cute ! :yes:
  12. This will probably be my next LV purchase. I just had a question: My biggest worry is that the leather strap is so thin that it would be easily yanked off the bag if you accidently snag it on something, can you give me details about the quality of the strap?
  13. Aaaw, that's adoreable... :love: Congrats Sandra!
  14. How cute, congrats!
  15. It's so cute!! I love that for a night out or something! Congrats and enjoy!