My Cute Mother's Day Gift!!!

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  1. I got my gift a bit early...I LOVE it! I just got my new car a few weeks ago, and this is exactly what I wanted!️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462581780.449559.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462581794.967764.jpg
  2. Ooooo, congrats! Beautiful key holder, but also - MINI COOPER! U-rah! <fellow Mini owner myself>

  3. Thank you!!! I LOVE, love, LOVE my car&#65039;&#65039;
  4. Very pretty love the color
  5. LOL... Looking at the key fob upside down I thought you had gotten a Bentley! :smile:

    You are going to love that red keychain, red accessories are great because it is easy to spot them inside your purse.
  6. That's a pretty red. It'll be easy to spot in your bag. Enjoy your new mini and Happy Mother's Day.
  7. Love the red - what's the name of the color? I'm a sucker for red. Enjoy your new treasures and happy Mother's Day!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Hi MissJenny! Happy Mothers Day!
    We seem to always be on the same wavelength :lol:

    I love that key chain! That red is amazing! I just got into Bottega so I'm still figuring out all of their amazing pieces!
    I'm glad you are loving your Mini!
    This is the keychain I got, it's not the bright white like I have but still a cute reminder:biggrin:

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  10. Wow! We should have a Mini club for Purseblog:lol:
    What color do you have? This is my second one and it's way better than my first!

  12. Oops! My reply didn't tag you

  13. I think it's Vesuvio&#129300; Red is one of my favorite colors&#65039;

  14. I WISH!