My cute lil Prada bag...

  1. I got this at Saks during EGC and I love it! It's the cute little satin frame bag, just perfect for evening. (It's so adorable and dainty.) I also got a pair of Kate Spade black satin pumps to go with it. They are basic but look so cute on! Just wanted to share. :heart:
    Prada 002 467x350.jpg Prada 004 467x350.jpg Prada 005 467x350.jpg Prada 007 467x350.jpg
  2. VERY cute! :tup: Love those pumps!!!!!!
  3. adorable!
  4. How cute this bag is! You sure are ready for Holiday parties! Congratulation!
  5. that's one classy bag! I love the pumps as well.
  6. sooo cute! hope you don' t mind me asking how much?
    i love it!
  7. Sure, it was $695 for the bag and $255 for the shoes. =o)-
  8. thanks oo_let_me_see!
  9. Your new bag is as cute as a button.
  10. both are cute. congratulations :tup:
  11. Both are so cute!

    (No need to get the CL Simples. You need a pointy closed-toe shoes instead).
  12. very cute!