My "cute coin pouch" is a real monster

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  1. Isn't she adorable?


    It has been a long time since i opened her up (approx. 6 months). But....when i opened her up, i found that she turned all my coins green and grey!! LOL!! what a MONSTER!


    At least the coins weren't eaten up:roflmfao:
  2. i counted $4.25. haha idk why i counted lol but thats weird they oxidized in a coin purse? maybe the purse threw up lol
  3. Lol ^^ Did they stained the linning?
  4. CRYLATER3, just wanted to say i love that purple egg! everytime i see it i want it as a wallpaper on my phone
  5. wow never seen that B4
  6. That's so weird. Is the inside of the coin purse that same leather that is on the trim, that vachetta?
  7. How odd is that??

  8. LOL, you crack me up kattykay:roflmfao:. i'm not sure how much was in there but thanks for letting me know:P. yeah, it did oxidize in there!

    selke, yes it is vachetta on the inside! i reason that's why it oxidized my coins. leather attracts moisture and whenever i have my Tiffany's silver jewelry in a my wonderful leather jewelry armoire my DBF got me, it oxidizes them:Push:.

    Crylater, it didn't stain the inside, this is how it looks like: (btw, i like your avatar too)!!

    oh, btw, kattykay, b/c they are lying out on my table still, i counted them and i have $4.75:graucho:, but you're right, in the pic, i only see $4.25.
  9. woohoo score extra $.50 lol i figured there was more underneath the top coins but didnt know how many were under there lol
  10. Your title of the thread made me laugh, seeing the oxidized quarters made me wonder...hmm... I have a leather coach jewelry pouch, I hope it doesn't do that to my jewelry but it's not vachetta.
  11. Who woulda thunk something so dainty could be so dangerous, lol???!!! And this is me reading the posts about coin amounts>>>:roflmfao:
  12. That is strange! I guess the vachetta lining isn't really good for coin purses LOL!

    I have the regular Coach leather coin purses and have never had a problem like that with my coins.

  13. lol, kattykay is one cutie!!:P
  14. That's so funny.
  15. haha aww thanks! lol