My cute chocolate demi

  1. Well, I was on ban and broke it. Here's my new cute bag....


  2. Oh, that's bigger than I thought! (In a good way!) I really like it - looks very cute with your M charm.
  3. Oh, I said pics in the other thread, but I found my way over here!!

    Wow!! Very cute!! That size looks great on you!! I like it with the punch of color!
  4. ooo...very pretty! I likey!
  5. Wow yeah it's lots bigger then I thought! It's DARLING!
  6. It is kind of small inside, but I loved how the c's almost seemed to be framed. I'm loving it!
  7. Congrats its so pretty!
  8. that is cute!! congrats!!
  9. gorgeous! congrats:smile:
  10. I agree on the bigger thing.

    I thought they were super small.

    So cute!
  11. **** I want one...the jade one!

    how much can you fit in it, really? like would a multifunction wallet, big cell, keys, lipgloss fit in it?
  12. Very pretty - I like how it seems bigger than the usual demis. Enjoy it!
  13. [​IMG]

    That's my wallet, my keys, cell, pen, and tiny perfume. I think I could fit a little more in there too.
  14. Very nice bag it looks great on you!
  15. I was eyeballing this at dillards the other day. it's so cute! congrats!