My cute $45 cheapie in orange

  1. I just bought this on ShoeBuy for $45. It's orange! But something about it appealed to me and, hey, $45!

  2. It's really nice. Congrats.
  3. Really cute and perfect for spring!!
  4. Pretty orange bag! And the price is a steal!
  5. This bag is hot!

    I think orange will be really popular in 2008. I just bought an orange trench coat from Bebe. They have a huge selection of orange. I wish I had your bag!

  6. cute bag!
  7. Excellent deal :tup:
  8. Ilove it! I just got an orange bag too. My posse bag is a beautiful orange!
  9. That bag is VERY CUTE!! I think I'm about to pic one up too!
  10. Well, for $45 . . . !!! You know?
  11. Cute! Do you know if it's leather?
  12. actually it's really cute!
  13. I am not sure. It looks like leather, but I'll just use it as a for fun bag. If it's hideous, I'll throw it back.
  14. I think it's cute and you made a good choice considering it's a fashion color.
  15. Love It!