My customised St Louis!

  1. I've had my St Louis for about six months or so but I thought I would share now anyway. When I was researching the purchase I was eager for all the photos of customised Goyards I could find! :smile:

    It was such a great experience - from choosing the colours to the wonderful SA's at Goyard London. Here's the final result:



    And the place where all the magic happens ;)


    An added bonus? The Goyard store in London is right across from The Connaught which is one of my favourite London hotels. If you're going to Goyard, you must stop by for a cup of tea and their divine home-made biscuits - the perfect day out!
  2. oooooooh~*
    love the direction of the stripes!

  3. Love that! Thank you for sharing those great pics!
  4. Soo pretty!!! Congrats!
  5. Very nice! Love the stripe direction too!
  6. Thanks ladies!

    I've got to say, even with all my other bags - my customised Goyard still gets the most attention. I receive so many compliments when I use it! It's definitely something out of the ordinary :smile:
  7. Love it, Congrats!
  8. I love it! sure to keep us updated on how your straps hold up.
  9. Congrats
  10. Love it!!!!:smile:
  11. Looks great! Definitely personalize goyard! They are keepers!

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat
  12. Loves it! Congrats!

  13. OHHH your own St. Louis!!!! Congrats!!!! it looks lovely!! :smile: i also come to notice that Goyard places their trunks outside, with no one looking at them... i feel really tempted just to take them all!!!
  14. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Oh gosh, I've been reading about that! Super scary :shocked: I've been using mine to tote my laptop around and it's been holding up fine so far so fingers crossed...