My custom-order experiment in Paris...

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  1. Congratulations, Koub, on a magnificent bag! Very handsome!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
  2. Koub what a great Goyard experience, I had no idea that would customize a bag like this! So happy that you got exactly what you wanted. It looks perfect, and perfect on you. Congrats and enjoy! And your English is excellent!
  3. Koub, "I DIE" for your bag! (for the Rachel Zoe fans, HAHA!) Very dashing! Great job on the design! I so want to design my own bag too, now! Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. Hey everyone... I was curious on the price in US dollars, so here's a rough conversion from the price Koub paid in EUR, to US Dollar: $1934.73.
  5. Nice bag u got there, Koub! Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. Thanks all for your nice comments.
    I really appreciate.

    Do other Goyard stores take special orders ?

    I have also another question : should I add monograms and/or stripes on my bag ?
    As it's already a unique bag, customization may not be necessary... Isn't it ?
  7. Great experience for you and nice to know that Goyard came to your rescue. Don't know if you'd need it further customized, but your initials in a lower corner in yellow might look more unique and make it even enjoyable for our to wear your bag!!
  8. Thanks for sharing Koub :smile: Hope you are here to stay on tPF!

    Also, what did they do with the felt prototype? I kind of like it, a lot :biggrin:

    In fact, I'm going to go buy some felt. :smile:
  9. I don't know what they did with the felt prototype.
    Same thing for the original bag that was not in accordance with the specs.
    I suppose they kept it as experiment.
    If you look at the right of the first picture of my post, you can see another proto they worked on (kind of messenger bag).
    They told me they were working on such pieces because of demand.
    They may launch new men's products next year...
  10. OMG!! The only reason why i hesitated to get the urbain.... was because of the straps - that was also in the Goyard chevron pattern...... this is amazing!!!!!!!! that you can really special order and do the straps in black leather... and it can be made into a buckle - instead of a leather closure. wow! very impressed. We all appreciate your story! thanks so much for sharing!!
  11. I had Paris Goyard do some custom work for me on a bag w/ stitching and strap and was very pleased also.

    Love your new bag Koub, and my custom work was on a messenger bag also.

    They confirmed they get many request for varying styles of messenger bags and plans are to update some models soon.

    Thanks for sharing your story and pix, fantastic new bag. Congrats!!
  12. For your information :

  13. Love your bag.
  14. fantastic experience. do you have pictures of the prototype too?
  15. thank you for sharing this! this makes Goyard extra special in my eyes and you don't have to play the stupid games Hermes like to play, nor as you said, face the copycat situation LV seems to face everywhere!

    i think the price you paid is very reasonable considering the service and product you have received!

    thanks again for sharing your bag and this wonderful experience with us.
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