My custom-order experiment in Paris...

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  1. Hello all
    I’m a French guy who lives in Paris.
    Sorry per advance for my rough English…

    Beginning of this year, I looked for a small bag in which I could put all the stuff I could need during a day: wallet, change purse, sunglasses, umbrella (ahhh Paris…), keys, pen, tissues, camera and a deck of card (as magician amateur).

    I wanted an elegant / classy bag but also subtle, not well known and above all not copied.
    Other requirement: a descent time because I wanted to use it during my vacations.

    Then, exit Vuitton: too much known, too much copies and I dislike their monogram. (I like it very much but on trunks only)
    Also exit Hermes: too old-fashioned for me and at least one year waiting period in case of custom-made order… No way!

    I already had a Gucci Messenger bag in black leather and a Vuitton Keepall 45 in black EPI leather. I both like it very much but there were too big for my use.

    Then, I went to Goyard and asked them for their men’s bags.
    They have very little choice.
    They proposed me the MM “Grand Bleu” bag (named “Urbain” before) but the bag was still too big for me.
    I wanted something little bit smaller, less rigid… Easy to wear, either on top of a jacket or on top of a t.shirt.

    Then, they told me about the custom orders: more expensive, time consuming but the only way to get what I was looking for.
    I said OK and the great experiment began…

    Step 1: They wrote all the details, all my requests. They submit it to their designer in order to determine costs & delivery time. They email me a first drawing of the bag.

    Step 2: I ordered the bag. They took more details, correct the specifications on the initial drawing. I paid 100% of the price at the order.

    Step 3: As it was a completely new bag for them, they built a prototype. They showed it to me and we decided to make some other adjustments.

    Step 4: My bag was ready! One week before my vacation. Just on time!!!
    How happy I was!
    Unfortunately, the workshop made few mistakes: white sewing (I asked for black) ; all yellow goat leather inside (I only asked leather in the pockets. I asked to get their traditional yellow cotton to get a better finish and also more flexibility), pocket size not deep enough and few minor other mistakes.

    I was surprised that they made so many errors but to be honest I put on them a lot of pressure in order to reduce the delays so I suppose I’m a little bit guilty too…

    They were very gentle, professional.
    They couldn’t rebuild the bag in a week. Then they proposed me to keep it during my vacation and when I return from my vacation the new one would be ready.

    Step 5: My final bag was ready! I renew the pleasure of going to Goyard and discover my new bag.
    This time was the good: the bag was really perfect.
    Better adjusted ; black sewing ; perfect fit ; goat yellow leather in the pockets ; perfect interior finish ; nice jewellery ; well-positionned & symmetric goyardine…
    Really Perfect! :nuts:

    There is no doubt: Time & Patience is needed when we’re looking for the best.

    Here are few pics…





  2. More pics...





  3. Wow.. I'm really impressed with the service Goyard renders...:tup:

    I'm loving Goyard more..

    Congratulations Koub! It really looks nice on you!
  4. may I ask you how much does it cost to go through the whole process?? TIA
  5. Nice - I agree with the black stitching. Could you give us an idea on cost and time to make?
  6. It initially took 2 months
    Plus 1 month added to get the final bag.

    As it's a small article with black color, cost is arround 1.500 EUR
  7. Congratulations! It is beautiful and looks very functional. I don't know if I'm creative enough to design my own bag, but I would love to try. :smile:
  8. BREATHTAKING!! Enjoy it! I love it! I did not know you could custom make your own bag! What a great idea and so original!
  9. Ayengel, no need to be creative... They do the complete job ! They ask you what you need, show you all the parts they have ("bijouterie"), and help you everything.
    Very easy !
  10. What an amazing experience! Thanks for posting.
  11. For me that's THE reason why Goyard is different to Vuitton : less known, less customers, extra quality and luxury, very few stores, no internet stores, no massive communication on products and prices => you & your bag are unique ! Made at the order !
    That's real luxe !
  12. Great looking bag and thanks for your story!!!!
    Congrats Koub!!!!
  13. What a great experience. Love your new bag!

    Thanks for sharing the story and some photos with us. :smile:
  14. Koub, first, your english is really good & second, your bag is fantastic. What a wonderful experience to design your bag and get what you really want. I agree with all the reasons you picked Goyard (I've been waiting for years for several Hermes things).
    After breaking 2 fingers recently, I traded my Hermes "hand" bags for my Goyard St Louis "shoulder" bag -- I'm so impressed with the lightness & durability of Goyard.
    Enjoy your handsome bag Koub.
  15. fantastic story, excellent customer service! congratulations on your wonderful experience with Goyard. I agree, the entire ordeal, from the service down to the item is luxe. And you have excellent taste--the black stitching is so much more discreet and in keeping with the bag and the brand. enjoy!