My Current Saga

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  1. I got this bag from Ebay that looked beautiful in the picture but arrived smoky with a no refund policy. I was really mad for two days and almost tossed it but I decided to try to rid the bag of smoky odor. For two days I stuck dryer sheets in and out. And put a box of baking soda in it. Then I cleaned it with leather cleaner and sprayed inside with Febreese. Now I have it sitting out in the open air. I do not know if I can ever get rid of all the odor but I have certainly invested alot of time. I really wish sellers would be truthful if they smoke and say so in their auction. Anyone else go to this trouble to save a bag? Did it work?
  2. I am really sorry about your bag. Thats why I don't do ebay ever.
    I hope all your hard work pays off.
  3. I'm sorry that happened, ebay is such a hit and miss sometimes! I hope it works out for you and the smell goes away! I think the fresh air will help a lot.
  4. I haven't tried this myself, but I have read that it has worked for some other TPFers.
    You may want to try covering the bag with kitty litter. Apparently the clay in the litter absorbs the smoke smell, but then you may be left with a bag smelling like kitty litter.
    I'm not sure exactly how to do it, but you may want to do a search for it. Good luck and keep us posted.
    Did you try contacting the seller about the bag's odor? Under those circumstances, s/he should've taken the bag back.
  5. Thanks. No refunds ever. So I am stuck. Thanks for the suggestion of Kitty Litter.
  6. What about escalating it with PayPal (item not as described), or would you prefer not to do that? It just seems that the seller is getting off so easy just by sealing tha tdoor and saying no returns.

  7. ITA! If she did not disclose that, that is very wrong. Call Paypal and see if you have grounds for a claim. Good luck!
  8. That's terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you. Just curious - did the seller have good feedback?
  9. that's why I always ask if the bag smells like smoke.. at least if they say "no", and it comes to me reeking of smoke, I have some recourse when filing a dispute with paypal/ebay.

    Maybe you can email the seller and ask for a refund? If not you could file a dispute.. you might win. Was this an expensive bag?