My current LVs

  1. I was trying to put up pictures of my bags in the 'Your bag showcase' subforum but it seems to be taking forever so I will just post my LVs here
    lvperfospeedy21.JPG lefab1.JPG lvlefab1.JPG
  2. fab collection staci!! (OT, but i :heart: the name staci!)
  3. thanks
  4. Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous bags.
  5. I forgot to add this

    My black lv monogram shawl and pochette tulum for my ugly phone (stole this idea from someone on this forum)
    DSC00048.JPG lvmonogramshawlblack1.JPG
  6. Great collection! I looove your le fabuleux!!!
  7. lol. if you have an ugly phone, lv would definitely make up for it!!!
  8. HOT bags!!!! LOOOOVE them all! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Great bags staci...thanks for the pics!
  10. Thanks everyone

    All my friends tell me to buy a new phone but you know any excuse for an LV.... :p
  11. Nice collection!
  12. Beautiful bags!!
  13. Great collection:yes::heart:
  14. haha thanks for the phone idea! I woulda never though to out my phone in there. now i got to get one!
  15. OoooooooooLaLa