My current LV collection - 2007

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  1. I'm finally cleaning my closets today and thought I would take an updated family photo. I'm updating my handbag showcase too but just had to get the Louis together first!

    Louis Vuitton Collection 2007.jpg

    oops. forgot to name:

    (somewhat from left to right, kindof)
    trousse toilet
    black epi st. jaques
    vernis pochette wallet in bronze
    damier speedy 30 w/ black inclusion keychain and shoulder strap
    Irvine Alligator Velour
    mono speedy 25
    orange perf pochette plat
    orange perf speedy
    mono wapity
    red epi agenda
    mono multipli cite
    denim baggy pm
    orange suede onatah
    bronze vernis mot
  2. Oooh they're all so pretty! Is the black bag on the left epi leather? I love it it's gorgeous!
  3. and whoops again! forgot to put little mot in the photo!!!!


    little mot is missing in action! here is an older photo - not panicking yet, shes in the closet somewhere!:wtf:
  4. yup.
  5. I LOVE THE IRVINE! I am so jealous you have one. Your collection is amazing! : )
  6. Very nice :smile:
  7. Very nice!!!! :nuts:
  8. :nuts: Beautiful collection you got there. Love the Irvine and Bronze wallet:drool: :drool: . Is "Mott" still hiding?:nuts:
  9. It's a beautiful collection :yes:
  10. you should see my bedroom! it is like new orleans in there. I am tearing everything out of my closet - I can't find her!:crybaby:

    I also forgot to list my beige inclusion bracelet in the photo. I am so unorganized this morning. Can I have a do over?
  11. You have a beautiful collection. I love the Mott!
  12. Love your collection! :love:
  13. Very nice! Love the Velour piece! :biggrin:
  14. Fab Collection!
  15. I love your collection, the Irvine is just :love: