My current "family" pics!

  1. Here is a couple pics of my collection so far:
    -06 cornflower city
    -06 ink twiggy
    -05 ice blue ghost
    -05 apple green planet
    -05 magenta pochette
    -04 turquoise mini classique

    Not pictured:
    -05 sky blue hobo dyed black (the "poodle" bag) <----some of you may know the story :shame:

    .....and I'm still waiting for a few more!:biggrin:

    NOTE: the city & twiggy are from hgbags on ebay. They are absolutely authentic! If anyone wants to see more detailed shots, just let me can't fake that gorgeous unique bbag leather! Overall, I am extremely pleased with the entire transaction (fast shipping, great communication, helpful)....problem solved :amuse:
  2. er...I can't see any pics?
  3. Oh shoot! My images exceed the size of the PF's can I post them?
  4. Oh what a tease!!
  5. No pics
  6. Can't you make them smaller?
  7. How do I make them smaller?
    (sorry, i'm not too good at this sort of thing)
  8. Can I maybe email them to someone?
  9. You can email it to me if you want, I'll resize & post it for you
  10. Oh Lord, I cant wait!!
  11. OK here they are ReesPiece :heart::heart::heart:
    rees1.jpg rees2.jpg
  12. AAWWW thank you sooo much, hatikuh!!! And you even watermarked them :smile:

    I really, really appreciate this.
  13. Ok, please dont take offense to this. But I was just wondering why exactly did you buy the poodle bag? Just curious :smile:

    very nice collection btw, the colours look great together, nice variety
  14. Ooooh very pretty colours!!
  15. 2 words: YUMMY SKITTLES!!! Just beautiful!