My current collection

  1. Ok it was time to share my collection pictures :yes:

    So here she is

    I also added this this weekend (as well as a few other accesories which I dont have a picture of yet)

  2. Ooo very nice! What a neat color green on that bag!
  3. I love that green bag!! (why do I like everyone else's but would never buy one for myself?:shrugs:)
  4. beautiful choices, i really love that ergo.
  5. Thanks I got the green one april of last year at the outlet, it was my first coach purchase.
  6. I am so head over heels with the whole ergo line, I cant get enough of it and I only have 2 :p
  7. :yahoo:

    Sooo happy my great friend, Jillian, is addicted to the Coach Forum now... :nuts:

    And as always, your have some beauties! :graucho:

    :kiss: Love ya, Doll!
  8. Very nice collection! :smile:
  9. Yes and my DH will blame it all on you :wlae:

  10. That's ok-- my hubby blames my pregnancy on Emma! ;)

  11. Very nice! Love the ergo.

  12. Well that seems like a fair trade :tup:

  13. True,true... Emma just pushed up the time table by 6 months w/her cute little face. :tender:

    If I have a girl-- the four of us may as well open a Coach store in Roanoke! :roflmfao:
  14. good stuff, the green pebbled satchel is gorgeous!

    I can't believe how many Roanoke connected people are on here for such a small city!

    little Emerson is super cute too!! Love babies!!
    once Dzzy's baby is born, she'll have a new friend! :yes:
  15. I got Jillian started on this board :graucho: She loves bags and now has a major crush on Coach! ;)
    Now we just have to wait and see if Emma will have a boyfriend or a girlfriend! :p