My current collection

  1. I have bought and sold many many bags and wallets over the years but here are the highlights of my current collection.
    guccipack.JPG bcitycaramel.JPG bbox.JPG mjvenetia.JPG vuittonwallet.JPG
  2. Love the color of your venetia! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Love your MJ and the color of the two bbags!
  4. i love that color balenciaga!
  5. thanks for sharing! nice collection
  6. Great collection.
  7. Cute :biggrin:
  8. thanks for sharing! love ur bbags!
  9. Yes yes, me too! I love it more than my promagrante... :amazed:
  10. Love your collection. Thanks for sharing =)
  11. I looove the Gucci waistbag, very cute collection !
  12. i LOVE that MJ venetia in that color!
  13. Nice collection! I'm really liking the LV wallet and the B-bags!
  14. Love your collection.
    Great B-bag!
  15. Great collection. Love your bbags and that MJ. Superb!