My Current Carrying Obsession From Hong Kong Shopping Conquest

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  1. [​IMG]

    My lastest purchase from my Hong Kong trip. Guess what's in the bag?:yahoo:
  2. Oh, Yay, a reveal!! :popcorn:
  3. waiting!
  4. Live reveal !! Some clues?
  5. Open her up!!
  6. :popcorn: yes, clues!
  7. Just a tiny hint ??
  8. [​IMG]

    I had a hard time hunting this baby down, Finally found her at Landmark Balenciaga Store. I asked for a Balenciaga Box but they do not have it, instead my nice SA gave me this box. Balenciaga Hong Kong is under JOYCE, other than Balenciaga Store, you can find them in JOYCE Stores. A Clue, it's a big bag. Not popular in Hong Kong.
  9. A Clue, it's a big bag. Not popular in Hong Kong.

    Hmm, a Midday maybe?
  10. here here! open!
  11. [​IMG]

    Not a Midday. Midday is more popular in Hong Kong than the bag i bought. If it's Midday i need not go through so much hassle. I nearly bought a Bottega Veneta because i can't find the Balenciaga i want in my shopping list. I am going to reveal her soon. Anyone can make a correct guess?
  12. Weekender!
  13. Bingo! Make a guess, tell me the correct color before i reveal. I will send you a little gift... :graucho:


    A Raku Ceramic Goddess zipper bag charm.
  14. outremer??????
  15. day???????